Changing the Funding Landscape for Disability Justice

Tue,27 February 2024
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We are excited to announce, in collaboration with Inclusion London, a project aiming to centre Disabled people and Disabled-led organisations in the funding sector. This article is an open invitation for anyone involved to come along to our drop-in session to share your experiences and get more involved!

Disability Rights UK’s (DR UK) Capacity Building Project and Inclusion London are launching a transformative project focused on changing the funding landscape for disability justice. The project aims to advocate for prioritising Disabled People's Organisations (DPOs) and Disabled people-led groups in funding initiatives to ensure genuine impact, inclusivity, and guidance by those with firsthand understanding of disablement in UK society. 

We invite DDPOs, intersectional DPOs, and Disabled people-led groups to coproduce the project; your unique insights and experiences are invaluable to our sector’s success.  

We are holding a drop-in session where you can learn more about the project and ask questions before we embark on the coproduction.  

Introductory Meeting: Drop In 

Date: Thursday 7th March  

Time: 12:00 to 13:00 (GMT).

Location/Online Platform: Zoom.  

Meeting Link:  


  • Overview of the project objectives and goals. 
  • Discussion on the importance of DPO involvement. 
  • Explanation of the co-production process and its significance. 
  • Opportunity for participants to ask questions and provide input. 

RSVP Deadline: RSVP Not Required 

To receive learn more about the introductory drop-in and sign up the coproduction project, email Rebecca Tayler Edwards, DPO Development manager, at

Our Goals 

  • Highlighting the transformative change when Disabled individuals lead disability work. 
  • Advocating for funding exclusively directed towards DPOs and Disabled people-led groups. 
  • Establishing accessible funding schemes, core unrestricted funding, and inclusive eligibility criteria. 
  • Establishing working relationships with funding organisations, Local Government funding departments, and philanthropists. 
  • Supporting DPOs to lobby Funding organisations, Local Government funding departments, and philanthropists. 

How We Want to Do It

  • Funding Position Statement: Create, with the sector, a comprehensive document outlining the principles and manifesto for funding organisations, philanthropists, and local government funding departments. 
  • Lobbying Plan: Create a detailed plan specifying strategies and actions for practical lobbying efforts, including capacity-building initiatives for DPOs. 
  • Capacity-Building Resources: Training modules, guides, and resources to enhance the advocacy and lobbying skills of DPOs. 

Please do come along to be a part of this important push for more Disabled-led funding opportunities!