A message from our CEO

Wed,2 March 2022

It is impossible not to have been shocked and dismayed by the situation unfolding in Ukraine in the past week. Ukraine has a reported Disabled population of nearly three million people – a figure out of tune with the global statistics on disability, and likely in reality to be much higher.

As we have watched civilians racing to the country’s borders, headed for the relative safety of other countries, our thoughts have been with those Disabled people who are unable to access the country’s transport infrastructure, and what will happen to them, particularly in urban areas now under heavy attack from Russian forces.

We know that some Disabled people have been moved to basements being used as emergency bomb shelters, but more and longer term help is needed.

It is easy to feel helpless watching such a terrifying situation unfold. But there are still things we can do as Disabled people in this country.

DR UK has written to the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs Liz Truss, and the Disabilities Minister Chloe Smith, asking for the Government to arrange urgent assistance for Disabled Ukrainian refugees seeking to come to the UK.

There is more information on how to help directly on the Inclusion Europe website.