Grenfell inquiry hears final testimony

Tue,26 July 2022
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The Grenfell Tower Inquiry heard about the lives and deaths of 23 people who died in the fire in its final evidence sessions last week.

Inquiry Chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick has started writing his report on phase 2 of the inquiry, having published his report on phase 1 in October 2019. DR UK and other disability organisations are campaigning against the Government’s decision to ignore one of the key early recommendations – that building owners prepare personal emergency evacuation plans for Disabled residents. We joined Claddag (Disabled Leaseholders Group) and Grenfell United to write a letter published by The Times and an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the recent 5 year anniversary of the fire.

40% of Disabled residents died in the fire.

DR UK continue to campaign on the implementation of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs). The government are currently holding a consultation on their alternative proposals to PEEPs: Emergency Evacuation Information Sharing. The consultation closes on the 10th August and we urge you to respond by highlighting the need for evacuation plans. DR UK will be submitting a joint response with Claddag and continue to encourage individuals to sign their petition calling on the government to implement the Grenfell Inquiry recommendation on evacuation plans.

Kamran Mallick – CEO of DR UK - said: “The Grenfell Tower inquiry has been an emotional and challenging time for residents and those bereaved. The government have failed to deliver on their commitment to implement all Grenfell Inquiry recommendations, and earlier this year rejected the phase 1 recommendation on implementing PEEPs. We will continue to campaign on this issue and urge others to do the same.”