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European Blue Badge Confusion

27 July 2022

Government Ministers are still negotiating with 11 European nations on the use of UK blue badges, which were recognised across the EU until we left the union two years ago following Brexit. These nations remain "undecided" on whether they will now accept the UK permit.

When the United Kingdom was part of the European Union Blue Badges were automatically recognised across the continent allowing ease of parking, however after the 2020 transition period finished the ability to use a Blue Badge was ended by many EU countries.

The government's website lists the 11 countries that remain "undecided" about the status of blue badges, as well as those which still accept them, and they are currently negotiating with Spain, Portugal, Italy and many others on their continued use. However, until these discussions are ended potential travellers should, according to a government spokesperson "check with the embassy of the country you are travelling to for the latest developments."

Motoring association the AA warned that disabled drivers could "leave themselves at risk of fines if they try to use the permits - which allow holders to park for free and in some restricted areas - while on holiday." Adding "Rather than take a chance, we would encourage Blue Badge users to use drop-off and collection zones where possible while the car is parked in a non-disabled bay. While problematic, it reduces the risk of a vehicle being given a ticket or towed away."