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Committee calls for Energy Support Packages to be better targeted

27 July 2022

A new report by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has called on the Government to update its energy support packages to help the most vulnerable and low-income households.

As households struggle to pay their energy bills and get deeper into debt, MPs are calling on the Government to work with energy suppliers to develop a scheme to help households pay off debts over a longer period as well as updating their packages of support that were put in place to help with the soaring energy prices. The committee also urged ministers to consider abandoning the energy price cap in favour of a discounted social tariff for the most vulnerable.

The committee's findings, released this week, especially mention the plight of vulnerable people who struggle to pay their energy bills because they are on or who are being moved onto the more expensive Prepayment meters. The committee also raised concerns around the current financial-support schemes, raising concerns that they do not "sufficiently target low-income households and those in vulnerable circumstances."

The report urges the Government to ensure that any future update to its support scheme is better targeted at customers who need it the most, recommending urgent action as industry experts estimate that the energy price cap could increase to £3,244 in October this year.

DR UK campaigns and policy officer Dan White said: "This report is welcomed. Energy use is vital for Disabled households, and it is unfair and unjust to see these individuals and families buckle under the weight of inflated and uncapped bills. We urge the Government to implement the recommendations rather than we will just wait and see."

The full findings of the committee report can be found on the UK Parliament website.