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Lords debate highlights unfairness of care cap

17 February 2022

A recent debate on the Government’s proposals for funding social care has highlighted the potential impact on Disabled people of working age. 

Cross bench peer Baroness Jane Campbell warned the cap would lock Disabled people into dependency and prevent them from living their lives, saving for the future or meeting their potential. 

Speaking at the debate, she said: "What is fair about holding down disabled people in poverty? What is responsible about limiting their ability to survive and prosper? Rather than liberating them, this charging policy will undermine their well-being and lock them in a state of avoidable and costly dependency."

Critics have pointed out how the cap would be of most benefit to the wealthiest older people but there has been little discussion on how the cap affects Disabled people of working age. 

Disability Rights UK and Inclusion London are supporting Baroness Campbell to bring the devastating impact of the care cap on working age Disabled people to the attention of peers, MPs, Disabled people and the wider public.

The organisations have planned a series of actions including approaches to the media and a template letter available for download, editing and then onward submission to local MPs asking them to ensure free social care for working age Disabled people. 

The template letter Disabled people and DPOs can send to MPs is available here.

Dan White, Disability Rights UK’s Policy and Campaigns Officer said: “The proposed cap on care costs, as it applies to working age Disabled people, runs completely counter to the Government’s levelling up agenda. How can working age Disabled people contribute £86,000 from benefit income towards care, and at the same time live their lives and build a future? The proposals are wholly unfair.”