Disabled people urged to back campaign on social care charges

Wed,2 February 2022
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Disabled people urged to back campaign on social care charges

Disability Rights UK is urging campaigners and disability organisations  to back parliamentary efforts to scrap social care charges for working age Disabled people.

The issue was raised this week in the House of Lords as peers debated the Government’s Health and Care Bill.

Baroness Jane Campbell argued during the Committee stage of the Bill that free social care is a vital human right for Disabled people.

During Monday’s debate, Baroness Campbell said: “Government amendments to the Care Act disproportionately affect working-age people, especially those with lifelong disabilities who draw on support for their day-to-day needs.”

She backed amendments tabled by other peers that would scrap social care charges for many working age Disabled people and cap increases for others.

Baroness Campbell told the House: “Care and support for those who depend on it is no less fundamental than healthcare is to survival… In his foreword to the Government’s disability strategy, the Prime Minister says that it is the Government’s ‘determination to level up the country so that whoever and wherever you are, the spark of your talent and potential can be connected with the kindling of opportunity’, yet this Bill introduces a social care means test which drives disabled people into poverty and places a cap on aspiration.”

Fazilet Hadi, Head of Policy at DR UK  said: “ Disabled people and disability organisations must take this opportunity to back calls being made in the House of Lords. We need to lobby our MPs and share our stories with the media, to get across the  devastating impact of social care charges on the lives of Disabled people. Baroness Campbell has made a powerful case for scrapping charges, as have other Lords, and we need to add our voices and make our support visible.”

You can read the Hansard for the debate by following the link in the story.

For more information on the campaign against social care charges visit www.scrapcarecharges.com and www.inclusionlondon.org.uk/home-page-blocks/social-care-charging-campaigning-resources/