DR UK co-producing Consumer Harms funding bid

Tue,9 August 2022
News Participation

The Fundraising Manager for Disability Rights UK wants to talk to Disabled people about a new funding application to Which? (the consumer protection organisation). The application is for a project entitled ‘Improve Understanding of Consumer Harm’. It is particularly focused on those harms experienced by Disabled people. 

Consumer harm can be many things, such as when someone pays over the odds for goods and services or is conned out of money in a scam. There can be physical harm when unsafe products are purchased (including via online shopping). Psychological harm can happen when someone’s data is used in ways they’re not comfortable with, such as sensitive personal data being collected excessively or used inappropriately.

We want to ensure every funding bid we produce is developed in partnership with Disabled people (also known as ‘co-production’). We’re committed to ensuring that the voice of lived experience – yours – is heard and directs what we do. 

The fundraising team are interested in knowing what you want this funding to be used for. The maximum amount is likely to be around £20,000. We could use that to pay staff to work on a project or other reasonable costs in proportion to the size of the activity. We just need to be clear about why we need the money and that what we do will positively affect the problem (e.g., so others don’t have to go through the same thing in the future). 

Is there an aspect of consumer harm you’re aware of or perhaps have experienced that you would like to propose as a focus for this application? We cannot promise it will be the one taken forward but we can promise we will consider each one carefully and, hopefully, work it up into an application. 

You can be as involved as you want to be at that stage, from ‘not at all’ to a co-author. We are happy to receive your responses via email, which is rebecca.clarkson@disabilityrightsuk.org or, if you prefer to talk, via Teams or Zoom – let Rebecca know if that’s your preference. You’re also welcome to send a film clip from your phone if that’s easier (or we could even talk on it!).

If you’re interested in the detail, the guidance notes are available on the Which? website.

Please contact Rebecca by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday 01st, September, so there’s time to develop the application. We look forward to hearing from you.