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DR UK, Disability Forum England and DBC respond to Health and Disability Green Paper

14 October 2021

DR UK has responded to the DWP’s Shaping Future Support: The Health and Disability Green Paper.

Published in July 2021, Shaping Future Support considers the options for addressing some “short-to medium-term issues in health and disability benefits”.

It also aims to “start a discussion about the opportunities for wider change to deliver on the objectives of the health and disability benefit system”.

DRUK has  contributed to and fully support the points and recommendations made in the Green Paper responses by -

DR UK is a member of both organisations.

Our submission is a supplement to both their Green Paper submissions.

The seven areas focussed on in the DR UK submission are –

  • Benefit Levels
  • Improving Support for Employment
  • Disabled Students and Universal Credit
  • A Single New Benefit
  • Mobility
  • Automatic Sending of Medical Assessment Reports
  • Disability Reform in Scotland

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