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Booster jab uptake too slow

22 October 2021

Booster jab uptake too slow

The latest data from the NHS shows that just 3.7 million people in England have been given a third jab under the booster programme, offering them the fullest protection against Covid this winter.

8.5 million people are now eligible for a booster if they want it, including 4.8 million who have had their second dose at least six months ago who have yet to receive a top-up. The shortfall has been growing by about 800,000 a week as more people become eligible.

DR UK Head of Policy Fazilet Hadi said: “Many Disabled people are still living in isolation, now through personal choice as the government has stopped all shielding support. Cases are rising, and the uptake of boosters remains worryingly low.

Charities representing people with Blood cancers and kidney disease are calling on the NHS to do more to ensure that people who are immunosuppressed and need a third jab for added protection, receive it as quickly as possible.

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