Requests for salary info is discrimination – Fawcett Society

Tue,23 November 2021
News Employment

Employers must stop asking job applicants for salary history as it discriminates against women, people from non-white British backgrounds, and Disabled people, and entrenches the gender pay gap, according to new work by the Fawcett Society.

In its latest survey to mark Equal Pay Day on 18 November – the date women effectively start to work for free because they are paid, on average, less than men – it found that asking details about previous earnings is also unreliable because almost half of working adults lie about their salaries.

Fawcett Society Chief Executive Jemima Olchawski said: “Asking about salary history can mean past pay discrimination follows women, people of colour, and people with disabilities throughout their career. It also means new employers replicate pay gaps from other organisations.

“Stopping asking is a simple, evidence-led way for organisations to improve pay equality – it’s good for… employers and our economy.” Read more here.