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Philippa Day’s family wins ‘substantial’ compensation over benefits death

03 November 2021

The government contractor Capita has paid out “substantial” compensation to the family of Philippa Day who died by suicide after her disability benefits were taken away from her.

The inquest into her death highlighted 28 examples of “systemic errors” by the Department of Work and Pensions and Capita which led to failures in how her claim was handled.    

Philippa’s family issued a compensation claim for negligence to both the DWP and Capita. Capita has agreed to settle out of court.

Philippa’s sister Imogen said: “Our family has always maintained that my sister’s treatment by Capita, on behalf of the DWP, directly impacted her mental state and in the end is the reason for her death. Capita’s wall of bureaucracy, with no consideration for Philippa’s mental state, exacerbated her despair at her debt and poverty. She was met with cold, uncaring call operators who would not listen to her cries for help. This settlement will in some measure provide for Philippa’s family and a materially stable upbringing for Philippa’s son, but he has lost his mother, and there is nothing Capita can do to put right the wrong that contributed to Philippa’s death.” Read more here.

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