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Care home petition calls for visits to be enshrined in law

06 May 2021

A petition calling for a change in UK law to allow visits to care homes in the event of another lockdown has been signed by almost a quarter of a million people.

Over 230,000 people are calling on the government to ensure that care home residents do not end up isolated again as many have been during the past year.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights led by Harriet Harman is proposing laws to  ensure all residents have access to an “essential care giver” as an extension of the paid care team.

From earlier this week, care home residents have no longer been required to isolate for 14 days after visiting friends and family outdoors or going for a walk. Care home residents are allowed two named regular visitors, but this is guidance, not a right enshrined in law.

The Guardian reports that people are still being denied substantial visits to loved ones in care homes. You can sign the petition here.