Victory towards fire evacuation plans for Disabled People

Wed,10 March 2021
News Equality & Rights

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommended that disabled people have Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans that can be implemented in the event of fire. The fire saw the death of 72 people some of whom were disabled people not able to safely evacuate the building.

Last year, the Government was set to ignore this recommendation, however following a judicial review taken by the family of a disabled person, who died in the fire, the Government agreed to bring forward proposals on Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans. These proposals will be consulted on later this year.

In the meantime, the British Standards Institute produced fire safety guidance saying that Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for disabled people were unpracticable. Following the threat of Judicial Review, this guidance has been withdrawn.

Fazilet Hadi, DR UK Head of Policy said “It is totally unacceptable that disabled people in all forms of housing are having to live with the fear of fire, without plans being in place to ensure our safe evacuation. There is considerable legislation regulating housing and it is inconceivable that escape at the time of fire for disabled people, isn’t part of the regulatory framework.”

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