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UK ‘no longer’ systemically racist – report called into question

31 March 2021

The UK is "no longer" systemically rigged against people from ethnic minority backgrounds, according to a review set up by the Government.

The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities said that the structure of families and social class had a more significant impact on life outcomes than race.

Its report found that children from ethnic minority communities did as well or better than white pupils, but overt racism was still present in their lives, especially online.

The Commission was established after Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 and is comprised almost entirely of people from non-white British backgrounds.

DR UK’s Head of Policy Fazilet Hadi said: “This reads, quite literally, and despite the Commission being made up of people from minority ethnic backgrounds, like a whitewash.

“That ‘anecdotal’ evidence of racism was found, but not ‘systemic’ evidence, shows a lack of understanding of how tickbox culture can be used to mask inequality of experience when dealing with institutions and the people who work within them. It is dangerous to draw a line between anecdotal and experiential evidence and data driven evidence, and claim that the data speaks the louder truth. The old adage about lies, damned lies and statistics appears to be at play here.

“There is not one example of the use of the word ‘Disabled’ or ‘disability’ in this report either, which is indicative of the Commission having no clue about negative intersectionality for people who come from a background of more than one ‘minority’ social classification. We know that people whose lives intersect with non-white ethnic backgrounds, non-heterosexual sexuality, non-binary gender and Disability have less successful life outcomes than people who have less or none of these intersectionalities. The Commission appears to have missed an opportunity to truly explore and amplify the experiences of those from minority backgrounds.”

Read the report here.