Have your say: DR UK zoom sessions on national women’s health strategy

Tue,30 March 2021

The government is consulting on a strategy for women’s health, and Disability Rights UK will be hosting three zoom sessions with Disabled People’s Organisations and individuals in April to capture Disabled women’s thoughts on how women are treated in the healthcare system, and how workplaces deal with health issues.

What are the issues you most want to raise as a Disabled woman? Is it the transport challenges of getting to healthcare, the inaccessibility of buildings, the lack of disability awareness amongst staff, the disbelief of medical professionals that you have certain symptoms or conditions, bias and assumptions around certain conditions, the poor medical knowledge around health conditions affecting women, the lack of holistic personalised support for managing health conditions,  the inadequate research funding for women’s health conditions, a lack of knowledge and empowerment over our own health, negative issues around the intersectionality with being Disabled, BAME and/or LGBTQIA? inadequate reasonable adjustments and flexibility at work – or another issue not mentioned in this list?

The sessions will be held at the following times:

Noon-1pm Tuesday 20 April

6-7pm Wednesday 21 April

8.30-9.30pm Wednesday 21 April

This is a vital opportunity to have your say. Email tellus@disabilityrightsuk.org, stating your preferred session. We will send you the link to the session.