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Chancellor fails to implement levelling-up agenda

04 March 2021

In a budget which saw the welcome continuation of support for furloughed workers and the self-employed until the end of September, there were barely any measures to support the poorest in our society, apart from a six month extension on the £20 per week uplift to those on Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit.

For the seven million people who either have a disability or have someone with a disability in their household, who are living under the poverty line, the budget offered very little. With over two million Disabled people on legacy benefits not receiving the £20 per week uplift and 18% of Disabled people experiencing food insecurity (against 6% of non-disabled people), the budget brought little hope that the Government will level-up society.

There was no mention of any increase to the social care budget despite the system being chronically under-funded and Disabled people not receiving adequate levels of care and support.

Apart from an increased incentive for employers to take on apprentices, there was nothing additional or specific to support Disabled people into work. This is despite a disability employment gap of nearly 30%.

DR UK’s Head of Policy Fazilet Hadi said: “With the National Disability Strategy soon to be published, it is seriously worrying that the Government didn’t do anything to tackle the big issues facing Disabled people such as poverty, lack of social care and barriers to employment.”