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Government delays critical social care meeting

24 June 2021

A meeting to hash out social care policy between Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Matt Hancock scheduled for Tuesday of this week was cancelled this week.

The meeting had been scheduled to set out broadbrush policy objectives on social care.

DR UK’s Head of Policy said: “Social care has been on its knees for years, and the increased pressures of the pandemic brought it home that we are out of time when it comes to procrastination.

“The news that this crucial meeting was cancelled, with no future date yet set for when it will be held, is disappointing. Huge injections of money are needed for social care, now.”

Writing in the Daily Mail, former Health Secretary and current Chair of the Commons Health Committee Jeremy Hunt urged the prime minister to ignore the “national bean counters” and deliver enough resources to social care. He said that the meeting is “a do or die moment for social care” and that limiting spending is a false economy, highlighting five million people waiting for support.