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Disabled fans injured at Euros cup final as fans storm stadium

16 July 2021

DR UK is seeking urgent clarification about the events which led to ticketless fans overwhelming stadium security at Sunday’s EUFA European Cup Final, as they used Disabled access doors to rush the stadium in an attack planned on whatsapp groups.

Scott Furlong, father of Kian told The Guardian how serious problems began when a disabled access door was twice kicked in by stewards trying to eject ticketless fans. “The door smacked against my son’s legs. He was shocked and I was furious.

“Targeting disabled entrances just shows no compassion whatsoever. I don’t know what the stewards are paid, but I’m sure it wasn’t enough to deal with this lot.

“We’re hearing lots in the news about racism, but the discrimination in general was awful.”

Kian said: “I was a bit scared when they came through the door. Daddy was shouting at them because the door hit my legs. I think they are idiots.”

Tim Hiley, a wheelchair user at the match, told The Guardian that “all hell broke loose” as stewards tried to hold back dozens of ticketless fans at a disabled entrance. “Eventually they were overcome with the sheer size of the crowd and people started running in. It was almost like a scene from Game of Thrones.

“A poor young lad with his leg strapped up and on crutches was floored by the crowd, and then a steward got flattened while trying to prevent people both getting into the ground but getting near me and my friend.

“The security was abysmal. It was the first time I’ve ever felt unsafe at an event and Wembley has some serious questions to answer.”

DR UK CEO Kamran Mallick said: “It is deeply disturbing that Disabled fans were subjected to injurious physical assault at a national sporting venue.

“We will be seeking urgent clarification from Wembley about how this was allowed to happen.”

A spokesperson for the FA confirmed that a full investigation will be carried out.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Met Police, Jane Connors said that what happened in terms of the policing operation would be reviewed.