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Complete the survey to keep the Universal Credit £20 week increase and to extend it to ESA

13 January 2021

The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC), of which DR UK is a member, has launched a survey to get up to date figures on how the current rates of benefit impact on disabled people.

Especially given the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions (especially with the new national lockdown in place).

The DBC says:

“In April 2020, the Government increased the rate of Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit by £20 per week (a £1,000 a year).

However,  it did not increased ‘legacy benefits’ including Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Income Support and Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) in the same way.

The Government has not yet said if it will keep the £20 week uplift beyond March 2021.

The DBC is calling for urgent action to make sure the 2 million disabled people and others on legacy benefits are not left behind.

The Government should extend the Universal Credit £20 week uplift beyond March 2021 and to extend it to legacy benefits. 

To keep this campaign going we’d like to hear about your experiences during COVID-19 so we can show the Government what an extension of this £20 lifeline would mean to you.

Anything you’re able to share with us will help with this campaign to #IncreaseDisabilityBenefits.”

The DBC survey is available to complete here.

 The survey will be open until the 18 January 2021.

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