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Autistic graduates more likely to be unemployed - ACGAS report

23 February 2021

Graduates disclosing autism are least likely to be in full time employment and most likely to be unemployed according to new research by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS). Autistic graduates are the least likely of all Disabled graduates to be employed on a permanent contract and are most likely to be employed on a fixed term, temporary or voluntary basis. 

The AGCAS report, What Happens Next? examines the outcomes of Disabled graduates and provides real evidence of the effect of a Disability on a graduate’s employment prospects.  

The report found that there remains a gap in employment levels between Disabled and non-disabled graduates at all levels. At all qualification levels, there are more Disabled graduates employed on a short-term contract, a temporary contract or zero hours contract than non-disabled graduates. 

Read the report here.