We're recruiting!

Tue,7 December 2021
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Disability Rights UK wishes to hire a young Disabled person to join our team. We have a vacancy for a Sales and Membership Assistant, via the Kickstart Programme.

The Kickstart Programme aims to create jobs for those aged between 16-24 and in receipt of Universal Credit.  The role will last for six months, be paid at national minimum or national living wage depending on age, and is for twenty five hours per week. As well as on the job training, the role will include employability support for future career progression. The role will be varied, covering areas including processing sales orders, dealing with customer enquiries via telephone and email, research, planning, participating in internal and external meetings, and much more.

Further information can be accessed by clicking here. To apply for the roles, as with all Kickstart opportunities, please contact your local Jobcentre Plus / Universal Credit Work Coach. You can view the vacancy on the government's 'Find A Job' website here. Should you have any questions please contact us at recruitment@disabilityrightsuk.org, or telephone 0330 995 0400.