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Tender for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

21 December 2021
Disability Rights UK is seeking a Consultant to work with us on looking hard at our practices and areas of focus in relation to being an organisation which truly embeds anti-racism.
Using the Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector report [June 2020] as a starting point, we wish to go through a process of co-production with the entire staff team to assess the recommendations and select which ones to focus on and how we would go about doing so. 

We are consciously opting to focus on race alone for the reasons made clear in Home Truths, but also due to recognition of the work we need to do as an organisation for people with Disabilities, many of whom will be from Black and minoritised communities and who are not currently accessing our services. This is something we are committed to addressing, and we want to do it properly and ‘go deep’ rather than attempt to address all inequities at once. We nevertheless see this work as key in our journey towards full diversity, equality and inclusion.
We believe that by doing this and publicly holding ourselves to account we will have learning to share that is encouraging to other organisations to do this necessary work themselves.
The budget available for this work is £500 per day for 9 days in the year, so £4,500 in total.
Please ensure you consider the tender alongside reading the Voice for Change and ACEVO 'Home Truths' report.