Law Commission recommends adding disability to list of hate crimes

Wed,8 December 2021
News Equality & Rights

The Law Commission has announced recommendations to reform hate crime legislation to ensure that Disabled victims receive the same protections as those experiencing hate crime due to race or religion. Recommendations  are also made to strengthen the law in relation to hate crimes against women and LGBTQ+ people.

Hate crime refers to existing criminal offences (such as assault, harassment or criminal damage) where the victim is targeted on the basis of hostility towards one or more protected characteristics.

Prof Penney Lewis, Criminal Law Commissioner at the Law Commission said: “Hate crime has a terrible impact on victims and it's unacceptable that the current levels of protection are so inconsistent. Our recommendations would improve protections for victims while also ensuring that the right of freedom of expression is safeguarded.”

Find out more and read the report and a summary of the report here.