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Coroners call for lessons to be learned over avoidable pandemic deaths

09 December 2021

Coroners in England have taken the unusual step of calling for lessons to be learned from failings made by overstretched services during the pandemic.

Details from inquests about avoidable deaths during the pandemic are now starting to emerge. Examples of failures include a woman who missed out on essential mental health care because of Covid cancellations and an older woman in isolation in a care home who fell and died.

Such notices are known as reports to prevent future deaths, and are only issued in very rare cases when it is decided that if changes are not made another person could die.

At least 16 deaths have alarmed coroners enough for them to issue warnings.

DR UK Head of Policy Fazilet Hadi said: “These reports to prevent future deaths must be considered by the public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic. That physically Disabled people and people with mental health conditions failed to receive the support they needed and subsequently died is inexcusable.” Read more at The Guardian.