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Z2K launch survey on where social security assessment process isn’t working and what needs to change

15 April 2021

Z2K (Zacchaeus 2000 Trust) is an anti-poverty charity that combines direct help for people with national campaigning to fight for a welfare benefits system that works.

It believes that a secure income and stable housing are key to preventing homelessness and improving life chances for people and their families.

Z2K has launched a survey that looks at where the benefits assessment process isn’t working, and what needs to change.

The responses from the survey will be vital in their upcoming campaign, which will include calling for the publication of the long-awaited Health & Disability Green Paper which we are told will include proposals to improve support for those on disability benefits, including the reform of the existing assessment process.

Z2K would really appreciate it if you could complete and share this survey with other people who have experience of the benefits assessment process.

The deadline to complete the survey deadline is 28 April.

The Z2K survey is available here: https://bit.ly/2OKgpMz