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Students fear ‘inaccessible’ return to uni

24 September 2020

Disabled students fear that a lack of resources will impact their access to education, leading to them falling behind.

Students responding to the Disability Rights UK student helpline have reported various concerns specifically related to the opening of universities during the pandemic. 

Of the 341 students who contacted the helpline between April and June, 38% of questions were geared towards funding and living costs as students, 20% were regarding getting support for studies, and 16% were regarding the Disabled Student Allowance.

DR UK Head of Policy Fazilet Hadi said: “Disabled students will have more anxiety in returning to university this autumn. Universities must work to ensure their students feel supported and represented starting with improving their communications with students. They must ensure that they make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act to ensure that disabled students have the practical support they need to participate fully in their courses.”