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ELIEZ launches at DR UK HQ, Plexal, London

16 September 2020

This autumn, the East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone (ELIEZ) will take up residence at Plexal, an innovation centre and co-working space in East London. It will be one of the first accessible entrepreneurship communities that features a specially designed programme, for start-up, business leaders and design thinkers who are disabled or whose work focuses on accessibility.

Transforming the business of accessible innovation, ELIEZ will accelerate the development of needed products and services from idea stage through to global deployment by delivering virtual and physical workshops, a mentoring programme and hackathons. A podcast called the ‘Inclusive Innovators’ will be also be launched in September in partnership with SociAbility, promoting ELIEZ activities and members.

The Zone is a collaboration between several partners including DR UK, UCL, Plexal, Here East, and Global Disability Innovation Hub. DR UK Chief Executive Kamran Mallick said: “I believe that diversity of experience results in greater, more impactful innovation. DR UK is bringing the lived experience of disabled people into the heart of the ELIEZ programme.”

To apply for membership, visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/inclusive-enterprise-zone/