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DRUK and YEG call on government to increase youth employment

24 September 2020

Government must act now to avoid a record number of young people ending up out of education, employment or training from October.

Youth employment experts estimate that 1,000 extra employment, training or education opportunities are needed each day to bring the number of young people not in education, employment or training back to pre-crisis levels by October 2021.

The Youth Employment Group (YEG) of which DR UK is a part, has shared recommendations from its working groups with government, calling for clear objectives to monitor progress in supporting young people during the economic crisis and beyond.

DR UK Disability and Skills Manager Rabia Lemahieu said: “Young people always bear the brunt of an economic downturn, but the situation is even worse for disabled young people. The government needs to put more effort into ensuring that disabled young people are not left behind. It mustn’t forget that disabled young people can and do play an important part in building the economy.” Read more here: https://impetus.org.uk/1000-opportunities