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DfE report on education raises SEND questions

21 October 2020

The Department for Education has published a new report about the experiences of pupils and parents regarding schooling. The report contains a section on SEND.

16% of parents and carers said they considered their child has a special educational need or disability. 4% of respondents said their children did not have SEND when they did (they would be on the school’s SEND register), and 3% said they did not know if their child had SEND.

Only two-thirds of children identified as having SEND by their parents or carers also identified as having SEN according to the official National Pupil Database, which begs the question of whether the remaining third identified are receiving support at school.

DR UK Head of Policy Fazilet Hadi said: “This evidence shows that there are thousands of children who don’t have EHCPs but need additional support. Education is key to disabled people’s future life outcomes and denying children support at such a young age will leave people less able to have secure, prosperous and productive futures.”

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