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Specialist legal guidance on return to work

19 May 2020

Return to work guidance from Cloisters Chambers

A team of barristers at Cloisters Chambers have produced an extensive set of specialised guidance on returning to the workplace, including advice for disabled people. As more workplaces begin to resume operations, or bring staff back to the office, it is vital that they ensure that their staff are able to do so safely. This includes not simply keeping employees safe at work, but on their commute as well. 

We are alarmed by the cases reported by Francis Ryan in the Guardian yesterday of disabled people being forced to go into work or risk losing their jobs, even if they are considered to be more vulnerable to COVID-19, or are not able to commute safely. Employers should use caution, as it is their disabled employees who best understand the risks of returning to work, or performing certain tasks at work.