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Disabled Supermarket Customers Ask for More Support

22 May 2020

The work of supermarkets, particularly their frontline staff, has been widely appreciated during the coronavirus crisis. However, disabled and older customers feel that supermarkets could do more to make shopping in-store easier for us and those who support us. We want to shop like everyone else but sometimes need a bit of help from the supermarket and or to bring someone with us.

Last Friday, Disability Rights UK gave evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, drawing the attention of MPs to the problems disabled people are facing.

This week the chair of the EFRA Committee, Neil Parish, has written to government asking them to bring supermarkets, charities and central and local government together, to plot a way forward. In addition, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission has given evidence this week, to the Women and Equalities Committee, again pointing out the challenges disabled people are experiencing in doing the weekly shop.

Today sees the publication of an open letter, drafted by the National Autistic Society and signed by many disability organisations, again asking supermarkets to take action.

Sign the open letter.

What more do we have to do to make supermarkets implement our rights under the Equality Act?