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Three Months to make a difference

29 July 2020

Three Months to make a difference is a booklet written by the Disabled Students’ Commission (DSC), the independent and strategic group established in March this year and funded by the Office for Students (OfS), highlights seven key areas that present challenges for disabled students and recommendations as to how institutions and policy makers can urgently address.

Seven key areas of challenge for institutions and policy makers to address:

  • Provide disabled applicants with support and guidance that is reflective of the COVID-19 pandemic in the clearing process
  • Ensure ease of access to funding for individual level reasonable adjustment
  • Ensure student support meets and considers the requirements of disabled students during the pandemic
  • Consider disabled students when making university campuses and accommodation COVID-19 secure
  • Facilitate disabled students’ participation in welcome and induction weeks and ongoing social activities
  • Ensure blended learning is delivered inclusively and its benefits are considered in long-term planning
  • Embed accessibility as standard across all learning platforms and technologies.

Read the full booklet: Three months to make a difference