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Requesting a supporter on a remote hearing – new HMCTS guidance published

07 July 2020

New Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) guidance was published on how to ask for someone to provide support to you during your remote telephone or video hearing.

The guidance applied to non-criminal cases such as benefit appeal tribunals.

HMCTS says a supporter is could be a friend, family member or someone from a charitable or local government service – such as a Citizens Advice Bureau or similar local advice agency. 

The HMCTS guidance sets out:

  • how a supporter can support you;
  • asking someone to support you;
  • arranging with the tribunal or court for someone to support you.

HMCTS has also published related guidance if you’ve been asked to join a hearing by telephone or during the coronavirus outbreak.

For more information see the following available from gov.uk: