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Our expectations for the government's "opportunity guarantee"

06 July 2020

The UK Government is expected to announce a package of funding to support traineeships, including £1,000 payments for organisations that take on work experience placements. This is part of a broader "opportunity guarantee" expected to be announced on Wednesday. While this announcement is a step in the right direction, we believe the government needs to take much more decisive action, and to make sure that disabled people are included in economic recovery plans. With that in mind, we will be assessing the government's announcement against the following criteria:

  1. There should not be a cap on the side of the programmes, but if there is a need to prioritise access, priority should be given to those at highest risk of long term labour force absence, specifically young disabled people and groups such as care leavers and those without formal qualifications.
  2. There should be no barriers to disabled people accessing the opportunity gaurantee. Flexible, self-employed and part-time opportunities must all be available. Access to Work and other support programmes should be integrated into the opportunity gaurantee. Programmes for people up to age 25 should be open to disabled people up to age 30.
  3. Disabled people must be free to select the opportunity that best fits their abilities and interests, be that education, an apprenticeship or a paid job. Disabled people must have the same opportunities as non-disabled people to pursue training or employment in the sector of their choosing.