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Letter to the Chancellor in advance of his 'mini Budget' speech

07 July 2020

Dear Chancellor,

Creating Opportunity for Disabled People

The past few months have put a spotlight on the inequalities that we as disabled people experience across all aspects of our lives. We have died in greater numbers and been at increased risk of Coronavirus. We have struggled to get food. We have had our social care and educational support cut. We have had difficulties in accessing information and in getting out and about. Some of us have not had the support we need to get or keep jobs. Those of us on Employment and Support Allowance haven’t received the £20 uprating given to others on benefits.

As we emerge from the crisis and plan for recovery, we urge you to include and address the needs of disabled people. We make up 20% of the population and we want the opportunities to thrive and contribute alongside everyone else. Too often we are ignored and overlooked, please change this pattern.


Young disabled people need additional funding and specific support measures, to access training and jobs. Disabled people of all ages need support to gain and retain jobs. We need coaches, who understand the barriers we face, to assist us to get employment. We need an Access to Work Scheme that is quick and responsive. 


We need additional funding to provide all disabled children, including  those with Education, Health and Care Plans, with the support, learning and skills they need.  

Social Care

We need a fully funded care service that has parity with the Health Service.  Social care, which supports disabled people of all ages, to connect with others, contribute to society  and manage the tasks of daily life.


We need Employment and Support Allowance to be uprated by £20 in line with other benefits. We need the removal of sanctions which cause distress and anxiety.  We need fairer and more transparent assessment processes  for Personal Independence Payment and the work capability assessment.

Disabled people are part of society. Please recognise us, treat us fairly and include us in your recovery plans.

Yours sincerely,

Kamran Mallick

CEO, Disability Rights UK