Covid 19 and the rights of disabled people

Mon,6 April 2020
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Covid 19 and the rights of disabled people – statement supported by disabled people’s organisations and allies

The NHS is built on the principle that we are each equal in dignity and worth. It expresses our commitment to protect one another’s right to life and to health, no matter who we are.

We recognise that the NHS faces unprecedented pressures. We know that its staff will have to make difficult decisions about who gets treatment and care and who doesn’t. We understand that they will have to judge whether people will benefit and we know that people’s existing health will be taken into account.

However, we have read about cases that have made us feel worried that the principles on which the NHS are built are sometimes not being upheld. We are concerned that the rights of disabled people, of all ages, as set out in the Human Rights Act (1998), the Mental Capacity Act (2005), the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act (2000), the Equality Act (2010) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) are not always being upheld. NHS staff normally use these laws to help make decisions about people’s treatment. In this crisis it’s more important than ever that all NHS staff follow them.

To ensure that this happens, we believe that it is critical that everyone involved is guided by the following principles:

  • Our individual chance of benefiting from treatment should we have Covid19 must not be influenced by how our lives are valued by society.
  • Where we have existing health conditions or impairments that are unrelated to our chance of benefiting from treatment, they must not play any part in decision-making regarding our equal right to access such treatment.
  • The fact that we might have significant levels of social care and support needs, or that we may do so in future as a result of the pandemic, should not make health staff think that we will not benefit from treatment.
  • We have the right to be fully involved in decisions about our own lives, including life and death decisions. Decisions should never be made without our involvement, or consideration of our best interests. There is no justification for policies based on age or learning disability that do not treat each of us with respect and as individuals. 
  • We all, and our advocates, have the right to know about decisions that may be made about us that will affect us.
  • Guidelines on the assessment, provision, and evaluation of treatment and care provided to individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic must be developed in collaboration with disabled people’s organisations and representatives from human rights bodies.

We cherish the NHS and the values that it represents. We stand ready to do whatever we can to support it to stay true to its founding principles in the difficult days, weeks and months ahead.

Update, 5 April 2020: we have received a response from NHS England, available here. Baroness Jane Campbell has written a reply to NHS England.

Due to time constraints we're only able to add signatures to the list once a day.

This statement is supported by:

Baroness Jane Campbell

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

Baroness Thomas of Winchester

Inclusion London

Inclusion Barnet

Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance

Catherine Hale, Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

Clenton Farquharson MBE, Think Local Act Personal

Marjory Broughton, EngAgeNet

Peter Daie, Chair, SEEFA

West of England Centre for Independent Living

Andrew Lee, Director, People First Ltd

People First Independent Advocacy Carlisle

Breakthrough UK

Cheshire Centre Independent for Independent Living

Disability Equality North West

Lewisham Speaking Up

Independent Lives

Isaac Samuels, Co-Chair National Co-production Advisory Group

Fleur Perry

Dr Jenny Morris OBE

Jonathan Andrews and Parmi Dheensa, Co-chairs Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network (CCYDN)

Disability Rights UK

KIngston Centre for Independent Living

Disability Action NI

Tressa Burke, Glasgow Disability Alliance

Inclusion Scotland

Glasgow Centre for Independent Living

Natalya Dell, Reasonable Access

Sarah Offley, Disability Voices for Choice

Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living

North Yorkshire Disability Forum

Yorkshire Coast & Ryedale Disability Forum

Speak Up Self Advocacy

Joanne Kennedy & Will Chase, Co-Chairs,


Alexis Quinn, Author Unbroken, Autism Campaigner

Robert Punton

Mik Scarlett

Mike Smith, former Equality and Human Rights Commissioner

Joanna Owen

John Evans OBE, Disability Rights Consultant

ENIL (European Network of Independent Living)

Caroline Waugh

Roan Dyson, POhWER

Scott Watkins, Jordan Smith & Wendy Burt, Learning Disability England

Jennifer Leavesey, Autistic person, advocate and campaigner

Akiko Hart, National Survivors and Users Network

Kirsty Hoyle, Transport for All

Disability Labour

Spinal Injuries Association

Victoria Lamb IMCA, IMHA, RPR, Care Act and Generic Advocate

Suzi Henderson (CEO) Cloverleaf Advocacy

Kate Adams, Project Art Works

Katie Clarke & Nadia Clarke, Bringing Us Together

Kate Mercer

Dan White

Paula McGowan

Caroline Kelly, Southwest Carers and Families

Debs Aslpand, Parent & Director LifeAsPland

Nicola Bartziz, EbE

Mark Brown and Julie Newcombe, Rightful Lives

Jeremy ‘Bethany’s Dad’

Susan Crowe BTM

Stepping Forward

Engine Shed

Perth Community Centre

Worsley Hall

Impecto CIC

Stephen Unwin, parent

Jarlath O’Brien, Teacher

Jess Plant, Self Advocate and Carer

Megan Elizabeth Knight, Girlguiding UK

Emma Cooper, My family Our needs

Noele Blackman, CEO, Respond

Sam Sly, Time4Change

Dr Simon Duffy, Centre for Welfare Reform

Jenny Edwards CBE, Trustee Affinity Trust

Francine Bates

Jon Hyslop, Community Glue

Sam Leonard, Blue Ribbon Health and Wellbeing

Sian Lockwood, CEO Community Catalysts Robert Shanahan, CEO Aspens

Jenny Edwards, Trustee, Affinity Trust

Sarah Burslem, Macintyre

Tim Cooper, United Response

Sam Clark

Alicia Wood

Sarah McGuire, CEO Choice Support

Aisling Duffy, CEO Certitude

Huw John, CEO Camphill Village Trust

Shaw Trust

Paul Marshall, CEO, National Development Team for Inclusion

HfT Family Carers Support Service

Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

Professor Tom Shakespeare, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Professor Chris Hatton, Professor of Public Health and Disability

Jo Ferrie, University of Glasgow

Francesca Bernardi FRSA

Karen Burke, Institute for Mental Health University of Birmingham

Professor Nick Watson, Professor of Disability Research, University of Glasgow

Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole, University of Sheffield

Dr Lucy Series, University of Cardiff

Dr Ezgi Taşcıoğlu, Lecturer in Law, Keele University

Dr Christianne Pollock

Dr Angharad Beckett FRSA, Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds

Dr Cheyann Heap ClinPsyD CPsychol

Dr Alison Kay

Dr Marc Bush, Visiting Professor in Public Health, University of Northampton

Dr Janet Hoskin

Steph Hannnan-Swain, University of Sheffield

Alice Lyford, University of Leeds

Dr Miro Griffiths, Teaching Fellow in Disability Studies, University of Leeds

Dr Nell Munro, University of Nottingham

Dr Emma Sheppard, Lecturer in Sociology, Coventry University

Dr Sara Ryan, University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care

Dr Kirsty Liddard

Dr Lucy Burke

Schona Jolly QC

Robin Allen QC

Catherine Casserley, Barrister

Steve Broach, Barrister

Victoria Butler Cole QC

Oliver Lewis, Barrister

Sophy Miles, Barrister

Aswini Weereratne QC

Catherine Meredith, Barrister

Chris Fry

Simon Lancaster

Bronagh Byrne

Saul Albert

Carolyne Willow

Gillian Wood

Billy Davis

Catherine Gough

Helen Leonard

Deborah Holt

Sean O'Sullivan

Hugh Thompson

Ruth Moyse

Roper, Abi

St Elizabeth’s

Olivia Boyda

Michael Larkin

Kathryn Liddell

heather maw

Lauren Robinson

Elizabeth Corcoran

Emma Case

Agnes Turnpenny

Layla Barron

Irene Tuffrey-Wijne, Professor of Intellectual Disability & Palliative Care, Palliative Care for People with Learning Disabilities (PCPLD) Network

Phil Price


Michèle Taylor

Oxfordshire Family Support Network

Rachael Burton

Christina Hancock

Narender Ramnani, Professor of Neuroscience

Maxine Napal, Down in front, please.

Merseyside Partners in Policymaking

Damian Milton

Ally Daubney

Janet Cobb

Simon Herbert

Lisa Richardson

Jacqui Shepherd

Neil Woodhead

Jim Thomas

Sarah Clayton

Karen Scorer

kerry fox


Professor Melanie Nind, University of Southampton, Centre for Research in Inclusion

Rachel Christie

chloe brown

Adam Barrett, Director-Access Social

Jean O'Hara FRCPsych

Mandy Smith

Sandra Barrett

James Voller, Solihull Action through Advocacy

Ann Jillings

Leise Angels

Sam Conran

Susan Livett, Aldingbourne Trust

Rebecca L Parry

Dr Victoria Armstrong, Chief Executive, Disability North

Colette Lloyd

Dr Deborah Kinnear, senior lecturer of intellectual disabilities, university of Glasgow

Dr Lauran Doak

Deborah Smith

Aisling Kearney

Julie Bell

Tony Church

sarah cook

Sassy Wyatt, Disability awareness consultant

Mandy Colleran

Sassy Wyatt Disability awareness consultant

Michelle Hughes

Rosie Harding


Bryony Shannon

Pat Duffield

anne wafula-strike

Jonathan Senker

Ian Penfold, Bringing Us Together

Belinda Schwehr

Emma Back

Emily Kakoullis

Emma Britton

Carol Bode-Hey, Manchester Foundation Trust

Anne Hunt

Steven Powell

Alison Harris

Chris Quinn

Hilary Salmon

Dominic Quinn

Gavin Clark

Laura Clark

Ella Quinn

Allison Powell

mandy mckeown


Marie Price

Christian Kerr

Lorna Fillingham

Jo Grace

Audrey Ludwig

Elane Heffernan

People and Gardens CIC

Sam Bowen

Clare Burgess

Alice Donald

Dr Joanna Baker-Rogers

Our House Waingroves Ltd

Graham Findlay

Ruth Pejcic

Michele Moore

Kate Price

Elanor Smith

Ben Glass

Rachel Adam-Smith

Alix Lewer,

The Include Choir

Anthony Jennings

Lindsay Savege

Jim Blair

Katherine Wedell

Elly Chapple

Elizabeth Stubbins Bates

Sophie Morgan

Isabelle Garnett

Rosie Fleming, Social Worker

Maria Berghs

Steph Caldwell

Professor David Abbott, University of Bristol

Nadia Iftkhar, Company of Others

Dr Mary Drozd

Dr Abigail Hackett, Manchester Metropolitan University

Rachael Stevenson CEO, Reverse Rett

Miray Kester

Professor Janet Boddy, University of Sussex

Lawrence McIlhoney

Dot Heslop

Dr Jo Elverson, St Oswald’s Hospice

James Pantling-Skeet, Community Care Lawyer, Lester Aldridge LLP

Sarah Bedford, New Economics Foundation

Lisa Price

Keith Simpson, City, University of London UCU Branch President

Molly Bretton

Ann-marie Barton

Professor Karen Wells, Birkbeck, University of London

Catherine Smale, Senior Lecturer, King's College London

Polly Sweeney, Rook Irwin Sweeney LLP

Vici Wreford-Sinnott, Little Cog

Dr Jenny Gladstone

Dr Zoe Picton-Howell, University of York

Kerry Fender

Bryan Hill, Kirkton Community Partnership

Joseph Wilk, Little Lost Robot

Hanna Kovshoff, University of Southampton

Rosalind Grainger, Parent of disabled child

Sean Sadler, Father of Charlotte with PMLD

Jane Bernal, Personal capacity

Vaila Morrison, The Inclusive Home

Ms Jo Balfour, Cambridge Rare Disease Network

Charlie McNeilly

Sarah Joss, UCU

Helen Wallace-Iles, Autism All Stars Foundation UK

Steve Paget MBE,, disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

Tony Colley

Anna-Maria Nabirye

anna-maria ellis

Pamela Gallagher-Willis

Rachel Coldbreath

Paul Jeremy

Susannah Roberts, Pictor Academy

Sascha Goslin, Self-employed

Dr. Se Kwang Hwang, Northumbria University

Claire Carmichael, GP Nurse

Dawn Cavanagh, University of South Wales

Isabelle Latham

Julie-Marie Winterbone

Keith Winterbone

Carys Mol, Hijinx Theatre

Linda McCafferty, Parent/partner in care - Glasgow .

Lorna Soesman, Parent

Dan Edge

Frances Dawney, Abbottswood Lodge

Dr Mark Purvis, International Mixed Ability Sports

michelle Maher, wowcampaign/petition/wowvoices

Professor Ruth Northway

Katie Clarke, Bringing Us Together

Alison Beevers

Susie Symes, Museum of Immigration

Pippa Hodge, T21 Brighton & Hove

kim moore

Anne Marie Machan

Christine Burke, Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

Mary-anne Rapson, Money Matters (Saltbox)

Kim Glynn, Educational psychologist

giuliana parodi, Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington-ODV

Dr June Fileti, University of West London

Mary-anne Rapson

Caroline Wood, Parent from Down syndrome Oxford

giuliana parodi, Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington

Christine koulla Burke

Brian Warwick, President, MSF 55+

Dr. Stuart White, Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University

Tracey Gardner

Suzanne White, Leigh Day

Craig Bray, Coach transport

Greig Mill

Sandra Barrett, Quiet Riot

Clare Hyde MBE, The Foundation for Families

Martin Coyle

David Singh

Dr Karen Horridge, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

Richard Pinder

Liz Crow

Ann Newby

Catriona Wilson, UCL

Clare Willison

Paul Bojelian

Professor Catherine Needham, University of Birmingham

Jake Jones

Professor Pauline Dibben, University of Sheffield

Susan Buell, University of Dundee

Michael Fullerton, Achieve Together

Edwin Jesudason, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, NHS

Franklin Percival

Danielle Watts, TABOU Disability Magazine

Alison McGinley

Mandy Johnson, Guide Dogs

Dr Jo Varela, NHS

Matt Wright

Beth Tarleton, University of Bristol

Ellen Nicholson, Central Surrey Health

Kirstin Price

Ian Beckett

Caitlin Hellyer, A Slice of Cait Blog

Dez Holmes, Research in Practice

Monica Collins

Elizabeth Main-Ian, Independent advocate- IMCA/ ICAA

Heidi Hinder

Ange Harker

Mike Dailly, Govan Law Centre

Katharine Newman, Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society

Julie Johnston

Dr Lisa Trigg

Adam Jager

Mike Dailly, Solicitor Advocate (Scotland)

Antony Keen

Emma Clarke

Daniel Marsden, Kingston St Georges / WeLDNurses


Victoria Cornford, University Of York Students Union

Deb Mortimer

Shaun Mortimer

Karen Albrow

Lucy Smee

Julia Blackwell

Lisa Scott

Sandra Alland

Poppy Thompson, UWE Bristol (Learning Disabilities Nursing student)

Richard Haley, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

Dr Alison Wilde

International Mixed Ability Sports, International Mixed Ability Sports

Adrian Schiller

Andrew Hayward

Annette Williams & Tracey Gaggiotti, Express CIC

Julie Jaye Charles, Start Change - The Peoples Counsel

Lawrence Grady, Purley Park Trust

Trevor Wise

Christine Wise

David Thomas

Caroline Fitzmaurice, Registered social worker

Rachel Hilton

Dr Katrina Scior, University College London

Devi Cooper

Dr Anna Garnett, University College London

Chris Gravell

Piers Wilkinson, National Union of Students

Tanya Motie

Lucy Dolan

Andy Cooke, Local Social CIC

Goretti Horgan, Ulster University

Daniel Figg

Selina Postgate

Amy Penn

Malcolm Barnard

Rachel Bourne

Annas Mazhar, Aston Students Union

Kathleen McCall, Invest in ME Research

Philippa Tipper, A Word in Edgeways

Elaine Clarke

Dr Sandra McDermott, Mother of an adult with DS and doctor in WHSCT

Jane Haines

Christine McClements

Jane Johnson, disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

Nancy Gedge

Bernie Webster, Retired Health Visitor

liam campbell

Vaughan Temby, disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

Sophie Newbery

Frank Spicer

Berni Kelly, Disability Research Network, QUB

Elaine Chung

Helen Laverty, Positive Choices

Hannah Deakin, Hannah's Hope (blogger)

Cathy Bergin, University of Brighton

Keith Lindsay-Cameron, Retired Community and Youth Worker. Freelance writer.

Kay Sammon, UpsnDowns Northamptonshire

Peter Nicholson, Editor, Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

Dr Sandra Dowling, University of Bristol

Johanna Useche

Monica wakefield

Peter Clive

Maureen Piggot

Daniel wakefield

Rebecca Devitt

Sinead Quinn

Beth Hollins, Oxford SU Disabilities Campaign

Verity Chester, University of East Anglia

Anita Villa, Alliance for choice

Margaret McAlorum

Judy Wilkinson

Mary Scally

Fiona Collie

Joanna Otte

Michael Smith

Katrina Mayer

Colin Todd

Mia Hasenson-Gross

René Cassin

Rev James Walls

Sharon Karatas

Lynn Williams

Bernie Drayne

Chris Ledger, University of Atypical

Charlotte Taylor-Ashfield, Unpaid Carer

Dr Rebecca Fish

Stephanos Szekir-Rigas

Maria Buonaccorsi

Paul J Ralph, Disabled Access Day

Clare Hamblin, Kirklees Council

Margo Harkin

Anne Allen

Hannah Smith

Professor Ruth Northway

Rachel Swingler, Autistic speaker and advocate

Nicola Burns

Stephen Springer

Richard Rieser, General Secretary Commonwealth Disabled People's Forum, World of Inclusion, UK Disability History Month

Terri McCue

Lindsey, The Beauty Spot Corby

Marije Davidson

Helen Dolan

Teresa Catto, Autism in Scotland

Natalie Mc Laughlin, Early Childhood Care and Education Professional

Gaynor Horton

Harley Primrose

Julia Harriyott

Karan McKerrow

Lucy Cox, National Education Union

Lisbeth Raeside, Glasgow SPRED

Graham Duncan, my AFK - working with disability

Stephanie Hanlon, Person with Epilepsy

Ashley Stephen, Disabled Survivors Unite

Deirdre McKenna, University of Atypical, Belfast

Jeremy Cooper

Kirsten Luckins, Tees Women Poets

Ruth Ní Chumhaill Maguire, University of Glasgow (student)

Grainne Woods, Kids in Control

Sue Groves MBE, Disability Campaigner

Sadia Nakimera, Let Us Communicate

Wendy Boenke

Edel Murphy

Dr Charles Steward

James Moore, The Independent


Helen & George Loughran

Jane Young

Helen Richardson

Vanessa Barnes

Geraldine Marais

Karen Myres, Right at Home Preston

Sarah Wright

Lisa Perry

Rachael Stacey

Julie Hayes

Robert Peters, Arts Creative

Dr Abi Roper, City, University of London

Claire Perkins

Dr Sarah Lewthwaite, University of Southampton

Gemma Gallagher, Freelance

Rachel Mewes, Northumberland Down's Syndrome Network

Yvonne Russell, Family You Hoover Fong Syndrome

Jo Leggett

Alexandra Bergstrom-Katz, Birkbeck

Fiona McCausland

Leonie Bellini

Dr Chaohai Ding, University of Southampton

Kathy Ransom

Maria Berghs, De Montfort University

Louise Heatley, L’Arche

Amal Khreisheh

Annabel Lyons, Parent

Dr Damian Gallagher, Ulster University

Beth Johnsson, Reverse Rett

Fiona Fisher, Family Legal Guardian

Alan Fisher, Family Legal Guardian

Catherine Slater

Victoria Silver, Shared Lives Plus, WDHCS, Advonet

Katie Fisher

Elizabeth Gaydecki-Cook, Carer

Rita Kimijima-Dennemeyer

Deanne Shaw

Jane Crittenden, Parent

Ali Jones, Pioneer Approaches

Jayne Dafforn

Mark Neary, Carer

Claire Hodgson, Diverse City

hazel griffiths, advisor

Professor Peter Langdon, University of Warwick

Donna Giles

Andre Giles

Anna McEwen, Shared Lives Plus

Daniel Holt, Association of Disabled Lawyers

Dr. Rhona Dempsey, School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Theresa Joyce

Dorothy Faulkner, Private individual

Dame Julia Unwin

Jenny Owen

Lucy Mulvagh

Danny Braverman FRSA, Goldsmiths

Linda Fearon, Independent performer

Dr Nikki Copeland, Lancaster university

Andrea Ellwood, Parent

Sufia chowdhury, Family member/carer

David Grundy, Personal

Jo Thursfield, Concerned relative- My nephew has ME

Billy Alwen, Extraordinary Bodies

Tania Tirraoro, Renata Blower, Special Needs Jungle

Kim Tserkezie, Scattered Pictures

Rachel Baxter, Parent

Suzi King

Dr George Julian

Nuala Crilly, Compassionate Campaigning

Jacek Borek, Social Worker

Liz Corbel

Dr Jim Elder-Woodward OBE, Chair of Scottish Independent Living Coalition

Caroline Stevens, Chief Executive National Autistic Society

Tammy mayes, Myself

Elizabeth Bano

Jo Hough, Inclusion East CIC

Gail Ranford, YouKnow

Eleanor Smith, Calthorpe Academy

Keith Ranford, Youknow

Laura Fitzgerald, Youknow

Claire Whitehurst

Linda Grant

Lorraine Fury, Mother of 2 Adults who have Learning Difficulties and Autism

Rachel Zaltzman, Trustee, Rene Cassin

Fiona Smith

Dr Jon Rey-Hastie, DMD Pathfinders

Edmund Coleman-Fountain, Northumbria University

Rebecca Day

Liz Grzesiczek

Jill Carter, Pulp Friction CIC

Helen Milstein, Parent & Specialist Teacher

Sheri Copeland

James O'Rourke

Bethany Green, Centre of Behaviour Solutions

Andrea Kerr

Rebecca Wood, University lecturer

Yvonne McVicar

Sarah Battershall, United Response

Jamie Renton, Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea

Liam freeman

Joseph Yow, Cambridgeshire county council

Ruth Craxton, Mother

Rachel Annand


Sarah-Jane Pidd

Andrea Flood, University of Liverpool

Emma Chapman

Sarah Bell, University of Exeter

Julie Helen Williams, Parent

Adelina Comas-Herrera, Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science

Angela Cavill-Burch (MBA), Unpaid Carer Specialising in Spinal Cord Injury

Tracy Plunkett, Citizen

Dr Liz Croot, Sheffield University

Sarah Isherwood, Carer

Self-directed Support Forum East Renfrewshire

Dr David Sloan, Digital accessibility consultant and researcher, The Paciello Group

Janice McLaughlin, Carer

Carole South, person with SMA

Fiona Bruce, Disabled person

Sandra O'Donovan

Marina Russell, Individual

John Lanigan

P Silberrad, Winchester Autism Group

Susan Douglas-Scott, Independent Living Fund Scotland

Rebecca Jiggens, Just Reasonable Ltd

Rosi Reed, Making Families Count

Mike Boyd, I am an individual and a parent/carer.

Aileen Feasey, Parent/Carer

Madissa Asgari, Toucan Diversity Training

Matthew Boyd-Gravell, I am a person with significant learning/communication disabilities. My dad, Mike Boyd, is adding my name.

Gillian Robinson

Anne-Marie Asgari, Toucan Diversity Training

Professor Chrissie Rogers, Tizard Centre, University of Kent

Julie Webster, PCS union member

Anna Route

Jeff Adamson, Forward Mid

Sara Holland, The Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies

Julie Radford

Vicky Ackroyd, Totally Inclusive People

John McArdle, Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights

Dr Stephen Carty GP (Leith) Campaign Medical Adviser, Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights

Sue Blackwell, DanceSyndrome

Elizabeth Roddy

Malcolm Blackwell, DanceSyndrome

Dr Greg Ussher, CEO,, METRO Charity

Kirsty Bentham

Michael Lorimer

Paul Kayes, Let's do it for ME

Eileen Ross

Sarah Young

Rob Greig

Catherine Phelps, Unaffiliated

Jessica Secmezsoy-Urquhart

Iuliana Helga Constantinescu, None

Tiri Hughes

Ian James Hopkins

Casper Davidson

Jo Stuart, Parent

Mark Stuart, Parent

Deirdre Shakespeare, ICARS

Becky Gillespie

Rhian Davies, Disability Wales

Lynn Goetze, Retired Nurse

Liam Mooney

Helen Ashby, Parent

Andrea Ellwood

Lucy Underdown

Lesley Brownlie, Parent

Dr Anne Townsend, Lancaster University

Frances Hasler

Janice Johnson

Geraldine Des Moulins, Possability People

Laura Hughes, Moorvision

Anne-Marie Cox

Steven Haines, National Deaf Children’s Society

Kristine Reid

Beth Hiley, Oxford university

Henry Rooney

Jane Mcdowell, ASK-PERGERS?

Francis Kelly, None

Gwen Moulster OBE, Gwen Moulster Consultancy

Emily Manock

Dr Jacqui Close

George Morrison, Disabled Person


Edel Harris, Mencap

Steve Potter

Diane Corrigan

Sam Barnard, Bemix C.I. C

Cllr Jim Bollan, West Dunbartonshire Council

Rosie Fleming, Social worker

George Wilcock, University of Oxford

Karen Powell

Melissa Alway

Mark Womersley, Qualified Disabled Person (nearly 53 years)

Helen Barker

Isobel Howe, Middlesex University

Lucia Kelly, SAMH

Louise Hoek

Joan McParland, Hope 4 ME & Fibro Northern Ireland

Lynn Ball

Gillian Robertson

Pam Duncan-Glancy, None.

Tomisin Pedro, University of Wolverhampton

Gail Hanrahan, Oxfordshire Family Support Network

Alison Orr

Frances Lang

Emily Williams, Freelance Producer

Ryan Leder

Caroline Mc Dermott, Oakgrove Integrated College

Elliot Bidmead, GESS

isaac burt, MENCAP

Susan O’Shea

Susan Carton, Department of Nursing, Health Sciences and Disability Studies, St Angel'as College, Sligo

Susan Archibald, Scottish Disability Rights Campaigner

Thomas Bentley

Sarah Yardley

Monica Lennon MSP, Scottish Labour Health Spokesperson

Gemma Orton

Philip Anderson, Community of individuals with disability determined to live life fully without suffering from environmental impairment

Jude Habib, sounddelivery

Sinéad Bhreathnach Cashell

Maria Nash

Felicity Cairns, N/A

Mary Carr

Fiona Culbert, Unpaid carer

Edward Richards

Martin Routledge, Social Care Future

Maresa MacKeith, Quiet Riot and Alliance for Inclusive Education

Clare Smith

Nir Paldi, Ad Infinitum

Stephanie Brewster

Caroline MacKeith, Alliance for Inclusive Education and Quiet Riot

Beverley Dawkins, Generate

Tricia Handley

Helen Pritchard

Ann-Marie Mendes, deVere and Partners

Leo Arthur Capella

Caroline Walsh, Interim Chair, Disabled Members Network, Co-op Party

Neil Macdonald, Carer

Freya Scott-Sheldon, Social Work England

Iain Millar

Karen hoe, Charities consultant

Mark Spry

Sharon Boon

Samantha Gee

Andy Craddock, Birmingham wheelchair basketball

Carolyn Dean, Just Good Friends Charity

Julia Maria Hynes, Medical Ethics and Law Lecturer

Maria Lourenco

Gary Nield, Instream Partnership

Luke Travis, Instream Partnership

Oxford University - Student Union Disabilities Campaign

Heidi Cox

Cllr Avril Coelho, Liberal Democrats Disability Association

Diane Hartley, Parent Carer and member of Leeds Zig Zag

Monique Wright

LISA BOWERMAN, Nurse and parent of sn child

Lucy Betts

Dr Joseph Webb, University of Bristol

Osayuki Igbinoba

Joy Palmer

Kirsty Eales

Louise Price

Catherine Boot, Can’t Sit Still

Susan Zur-Szpiro, Parent Carer

Sunil Monteiro

The AutistiX, The AutistiX Band

Anne Worrall-Davies, Worrall-Davies MH consultancy

Zahida Parveen

Nicole Gorman

George Mann, Ad Infinitum

Sara Canning

Helena Brown

Sarah Walker

Jill Pack

Rachel Gibson

Katherine Pearson, RNLD

Dr Maria Tsakiri, European University Cyprus

Beth Hughes, DEAL

Jennifer Rutherford, Parent carer

Helen Bown, Self employed

Janis Cottee, Tide Ambassador

Alex Cookson, NHS

Wendy Godber

Nicola Youern, The You Trust

Linda Mayers, NHS Professionals/Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Kelly Anderson Laybourne

Emma Sullivan, Carer

Paul Watson, Disabled and Parent

Jamie Preece, Disabled volunteer Barnsley NHS Trust

Hannah Goodson

Lindsay Huny

Deb pugh, N/a

Colin Archer

Tanya Burton, NHS

James Hunt, West Yorkshire Police

Natalie Price, 25% ME Group

andrew downie, Ataxia UK

Nadia Turki, SEND National Crisis

Jan Loxley-Blount, Parents Protecting Children UK

Lesley Haley

Cllr Eve Holt, Manchester City Council

Malcolm Blount

Mark Topps, Eastern County Care

Rachael Tomlinson, Carer

Ben Thompson

Simon Lawrence, 25% ME GROUP - support for severe ME sufferers

Marlen Haley

Dr Louise Mullineaux, NHS

Patrick Bates

Andy Kelly

Ruth Spencer, Self employed music therapist

Darren Fletcher

Deb, Parent

Marion Burgess, Parent Carer Foundation


Rachael Kevill

Jayne Wilson, Petty Pool

George Watts, Autistic Self Advocate

Jayne, Retired LD Nurse

Chris tomlinson, Carer

frances Steepe, Oxford family support network

Dan McEvoy, DCF

Diane McCormack, Surrey heartlands Ccg

John Higson, None

Jill Arnold, None

Dr Suzanne Doyle Guilloud, University of Bristol

Ted Goodman, Family Carer

Hayley Norris

Vanessa woolf, London Dreamtime

Charlie Willis

Rob Billson, New Routes

Mandy Bell (Maia), Parent

Ann Bates OBE

Gill Loomes, Signing in a Personal Capacity

Jacky Martel, Carer

Paula Jenkins

Denise Huscroft, Family carer

Sarah Leigh

Sheila Handley

Anoushka Yeoh

Philippa Lowther

Heather Webb

Beverley Clough, University of Leeds

James Dixon

Philipa Bragman

Adele Green, Independant expert by experience

Nicola Baker, Parent

Ruth Murran

Belinda Pratten

Shubhanna Hussain-Ahmed

Amy Simmons, University of Bradford

Clare Millington, DDX3X support UK

Professor Anita Franklin, University of Portsmouth

Ian Clements, Myself

Carla Wharvell

Sharon Balmer

George Stoker

Bini Slingsby

Julie Stansfield, In Control

Glen smith, Action for ME

Christine Shrubb

Anna Burgess

Victoria Marshall, NCHA

Andrea pepe

Janet Mayes, parent

Trixie Nicholls, Parent carer

dominique davies, Personal assistant

Emma Atkinson, St Giles School

Joanna Allen

Nic Crosby, GatherBuildWork

Liza Clements, Individual

Helen Dixon

David Siney, Parent

Theresa Jenkinson, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHSFT

Jackie Dryden

Terry Gibson, FaCE

Charisse, NHS

Alison Douthwaite, None - parent carer

Ann Gallagher, None

Colette Siney, Parent & carer

Christine Noble, None

Candy, Home care

Jo Walkden

Judith Griffiths

Luisa Pearce, Freedom For Wheels

Carolyn Goffin, None

Roxanne Mattock

Angie Dryden, Family


Anna Jeronymides, Parent/Mother

Rosie Vachat

Carter Wright

Jess Flanagan, Clarke Willmott LLP

Lena Ballah, N/A

Andrew Wood, N/A

Hari Duffield

Tracey Norton

Angela Mullen, Glasgow centre for Inclusive Living

Rosie Partin

Change for Disabled Students UK

Arwel Williams

Michelle Dunne

Helen Dixon, 1Voice Communicating Together

Angela Dunning

Helen Cowan

N.Thompson, ACCT

Georgina Sait

William Cowan

Hayley Phillips

Dr Emma Croft

Helensl Seth

Lyn Brady

Kieran Rose, Infinite Autism

Silvana Brown, None

Jonathan Andrews and Parmi Dheensa Co-Chairs, Commonwealth Children & Youth Disability Network

Kieran Rose, The Autistic Cooperative

Caroline Eglinton

Hazel and mark griffiths, Advisor

Andrew Bruce, Personnel and Disability Services

Joanne Harris, Family, legal depute

Bernadette Adams, Autism Inclusion

Carole Hagan, Parent

Dr Catherine Walter, University of Oxford

Alex Kaley, Lancaster University

Rae Britton

Reverend Professor Annalu Waller OBE

Nikki Brown

Ann Bates OBE, Transport Access Consultant

Richard Clark

Alison Stevens, Parents Against Injustice PAIN

Liz Wilson

Darren Hayward, Pathways

Rosemary MacArthur, NA

Ines Ferreira, Peoples Centre for Change

Ines Ferreira

Dr Janet Hoskin, University of East London

Mark Ballard, NHS

Tara Allin

Lisa Hopkins, SeeAbility

Maike Cochrane, Private

Katie Fenwick

Deborah Hall

Robin Stokes, Grandparent of a person with autism

Jane Stokes, Grandparent of 17 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome

margaret gardener, FASO

Marie Wilson

Isabel Ros Lopez

Wenn B. Lawson, Psychologist

Joff McGill

Karen Turner, N/a

Melanie Buchanan, False Allegation Support organisation Family Division

John and Annette Pomfret, Davenport Care

Georgia Pavlopoulou, UCL, Anna Freud Centre

Rick Robson

Dr Ludovic Foster

Deborah Huck

Mark Devonport, Westminister council

Amanda saleh, Parent

Dr Alison Sheldon, University of Leeds

Kelly Thornham, Parent

Jo Stubbins

Dan Watts

Sara gardner, Carer / parent

Alyzande Renard

Stephen Eykyn

Petra Crow, None

Katherine Bent

Susan Waring, St Helens Jigsaws

Samantha Jenkin

Kate Sibthorp, National Co-Production Advisory Group

Dr Laura Baxter, University of Warwick

Lorna Felce, Parent

Claire Cunningham

Dr Bethan Evans

Katherine Nagl

Peter Felce, Parent

Niamh Moore, University of Edinburgh

Johann Diaz, Parent

Jen carey, Parent of ds child

Christopher eykyn, Party Creations ltd

Simon Minty, Sminty Ltd and Abnormally Funny People

katie gorrell

Rachel Court, Parent

Alexandra Davey

Your support Matters CIC

Adele Rose-Morgan, Joining the Dots Parent Carers - Wales

Anne Sweeney, SPRED

Farzana Machhada, Let Us Communicate

Samina Macchada, Let Us Communicate

Wendy Macfarlane, Parent

Sophie Mackie

Maggie Sullivan, Aspie Rational Talks

Mary Doyle, Rocket Girl Coaching

Aminder Virdee

Helen Copley, Garvald West Linton

Sarah Hickie

Kitty O'Kane

Gillian Hazell

Grace harrigan, Parent carer

Shelley Burke

Terri Oatley, n/a

Florrie Hutchinson, Student Social Worker

Geoffrey Miller

Sterre Ploeger

Hannah Facey

Imran tailor, N/a

Raisa tailor, Carer

Vincent Johnsson, Reverse Rett

Fahim Patel

Catherine Couvert

Gareth Parry

Elaine Collins

Sheena Parry, Autism Awareness UK

Catherine Amor, Independent

Sharon Gamble, Home Carer

Alison Smith

Ruth Jacob

Kerensa Gaunt, Disabled Students' Officer, University of Cambridge Student Union

Amanda Levitt, Personal Assistant

Tracy Locke, Self Employed Psychotherapist

Michelle Nice, Parent, Carer, Advocate

Emma Booth

Anna McAlea-MacQueen

Crystal Prentice, As Individual As A Deaf Person

Laura Yates, Parent

Debra Lynch, Individual

Simon Smith, ACDAF

Simon Smith

Dan Harris

Bernadette Urmston, Fibro Flare Awareness Group

Dr Amanda Taylor-Beswick, Queen’s University Belfast

Louise Fazackerley

Phil Shatliff, East Lancashire Down's Syndrome Support Group

Tina Chadwick, N/A

Penelope Mendonca

Louise Davison, Ddx3x support uk

Kerry Bowen, Concerned parent

Sue Pellegrino

Christine Cole

Michael Achtman, filmpro

Effie Fenton, DDX3X Support UK

Dr Ashley Liew, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Keith Martin, Chaville Press

Sally Gallini-Poole, Nhs

Michelle Cook, Personal/Mother

Beckie Whelton

Melanie Buchanan

Colly Metcalfe, Deaf performer, wife, mother


Phil Hirst

Caroline Hunter, Parent Carer & E by E

Cathy Wintersgill, Connect in the North

Stephanie Sinclair

Mary Best

Miriam Martin, Parent & Midwife

Felicity Allen

Michelle Hough

Trudi Calvin

Pam Ceney

Clare Caudery

Qansa Omar


Rebecca Meara

Jacqueline Phillips

Katie Peacock, Exclusively Inclusive

Dr Kelvin Mackrell

Jane McGarry

karen Bell, Elcap

Tom Fenton, Former CEO of the Royal Association for Deaf People

Jules Hipkiss, Parent/24/7 unpaid carer

Carole Birtwhistle, Guardian

Mary-Ann O'Donovan, Trinity College Dublin

Chris Bingham

Jackie Driver, Sign Health

Jacqueline del Castillo, Imperial College London

Mary-Ann O'Donovan, Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Emma Simpson, EPIC

Lesley Taylor, Alchemy Medical Writing

Lauren Macleod, VoiceAbility

Helen Swift

Paula Rogers, Wirral hospital trust

Debbie pike, Teaching assistant

Diane Morgan

Helen White, NA

James Sullivan

Ellen Ralph

Susan Davis, Parent

Juliette Foster Nurse Practitioner, Parent

Samantha Deveney

Lorraine E Allan, Unpaid Carer of 4

Maggie Docherty

Vicki crabb, Mum

Hayley Lever

Anna Griffiths

Jane Brooks, Parent carer

Jayne Griffiths, N/A

Steven treacey

Lisa treacey

Claire Bews

Jess Mannion, Trinity College Dublin

Leonie Mellinger, Leonie Mellinger Ltd

Hilary Carty

Joanna Wootten

Mike Wild, Macc

Leaan Bailey, Mother

Roderick Cobley, Unite rep

Amanda Connelly

Baroness Hollins, Beyond Words

Stacy Bowyer, Epilepsy ambassador

Therese Feighan, Interested relative

Jade Hendrie, Teesside University student

Sue O'Brien

Sally Stovell


Rachel and Francesca Adam-Smith

Anne Dewhurst

Lorraine Dunn

Ann Morris, MBE

Alison Page, Salford CVS

Jenny Miller, PAMIS

Sharon Taylor

Ben Gilchrist

Jane Cavanagh, Parent

Ann ryan, Parent carer

Pam Robertson, Parent

Jamie Blair

Matthew Stanford, Parent

Hannah Morgan, Centre for Disability Research, Lancaster University

Jane Macey, Parent

Sharon powell, Parent

Diana Read, Parent and Advocate, Infinity SEN Solutions

Diane Atkinson

Seán Kelly - photographer and writer,

Kris Procek, Parent for disabled person

Paul Pearson, NHS Volintert Responder

Subhadra Das, UCL

Kath Bromfield

Annie Fergusson, Family carer


Alice Agerbak

Emma lockhart


Bedana Begum

Daniel Bolitho LLB, Birmingham City University

Anthony Connelly

Lady Kitt, Disconsortia

Maxine osborne

Sam Thomas

Karen Blair, Advocate Equality and Human Rights for All

June Dowsett

Will Fletcher

Sally Warren, Paradigm

Kathryn Hewitt

Dr Melanie Chapman, Research Fellow (Disability and Community), Manchester Metropolitan University

Cathy Andrews, CEO, The Orchard Trust

Sheena Withers, Parent

Kate Lovell

John Dickinson-Lilley, GB Blind Ski Racer (r’td)

Beth Hodgett

Jill Green

Nicola Whittle

Samantha Bassett, EYPCF and parent

Louise Sheridan

Savitri Maharaj

Jenny Lynn

Pat Graham, Chair of PAMIS which represents people with Profound & Multiple Learning Disabilities

Mic, Foot

Ros Haywood, Mencap

Gemma Uddin, Mikhail's Mission- fundraising group

Libby Welsh, Imclude Us

Dawn Colhoun, On behalf of my beautiful daughter Maisie Emma Colhoun

Katrina O’Leary

Carolyn walsh, Parent/carer

Helen Coyne, Education

Chris Watson, Self Directed Futures

Jenny Knight

Sue Sinclair, None

Dr Silvana Mengoni

Robin, Watford Mencap

Tina Hodgkinson

Neal sillwood

Claire Cain, Parent

Robin Burn, Parent and Carer The Autism Centre

The Essex Carers Network, The Essex Carers Network

David Roberts

Ray Williams, Oxford Student Union

Sue Fisher, ETPCF

Andy Fishet, EYPCF

Patsy beverley, Parent carer

Maurice Wener, Bushey Mill Resource Centre

Rosin hamill

Sinead O'Connor

Michael Locke

Angela Burnyeat

Trudy Williams

Hilary Paxton

Dr Rebecca Dimond, Cardiff University

Nathan Vidini, AltraLaw

Victoria Anne Evans

Kirsten Peebles and Tom Nikel

AltraLaw, AltraLaw

Jill Rattray

Dennis Evans FRSA, Private individual

Deborah Coles, INQUEST

Debby Deaves, Parent/carer

Julie Carroll, Parent

Alexis Walmsley, Parent

Isabel McCrow, The Childrens Trust

Colin Carpenter

Chloe Strickland

Chloe Strickland

Angela Greenwood

Norma Curran, Values Into Action Scotland

Maura Campbell

Mark McDonagh, Staffordshire University

Prof Ben Paechter

Peter Blaker, Starfish

Jeanette thompson

Geraldine Green

Mrs Erika Lye, Mountain Movers Education Registered Charity

Lizzie Mason

Katy Murray

Lynn, McFadyean

Laura England

Amanda Winter, Parent Carer

Emma Harkin

John, McFadyean

Penny Morris

Rebecca prentice

Isabella Thomas

Anthony Robinson

Stacey Thorn, SEMH Support Assistant

Jane Mulholland

Anna Fedeczko, Self employed

Dr Ceri Morris, Cardiff Met University

Speakup self advocacy, Soeakup

Linda, author

Gillian Warren, Private individual

Dannielle Harrison, Care for adults living with complex needs

Judith Blaker

Sue Cawkwell, Parent

Alicia Coleman, Mum & full time carer & Advocate for My Complex Special needs Daughter

Cecilia Walsh, RPR Services

Leo Andrade, Parent carer and campaigner

Emma ricketts, Parent and carer

Rachael Lofthouse

Sandra Robertson

Nikkita Holmes, UCLan SU (Disabled Students' Representative)

Louise Murray, Parent of a young woman with PMLD

Christine Price, Healthwatch Herefordshire

Kathleen Jeffcoate

Andy Tilden

Maddy Bunker

Alison Ashley, Hebden Green School

Monique Botha

Sam Moore, Person with epilepsy/hypoxic brain injury and practical conservation volunteer with several organisations.

Natasha Johnstone

Lucy Garland & Amber Onat Gregory, Frozen Light

Esme Brown

Emma Clancy

Eddie McConnell, Down’s Syndrome Scotland

Adam Sharples, Disabled - ASC

Keith Massey, KCM Business Consultancy

Joe Wastell, Disability Medway Network CIC

John Keith

Jan Sproul

Diana Keyzor, Harry’s mum

Colin Millar, SPAEN

Ind. Alison Bell

Lucy clements

Courtnee Haley

Julia Lindsey

Pauline Bailey

jenny herd, parent

Dylan Parry

Beverley Fisher

Kathy Ward, Carer

Jan McNay

Jacqueline fish

Susan Watkins, Parent

Annie Morris

Yvonne Johnson

Teresa Agnew, Campaign by survivors of abuse

Lawrence Saava Mukiibi, Let Us Communicate

Fatuma Kayizzi, Let Us Communicate

Victoria Gaffney, Chailey Heritage Foundation

Dennis Kyeyune, Let Us Communicate

Paula Jones

pauline heath

Andrea Ellwood, Parent of Matty, an autistic adult.

Charlie McMillan, SCLD

Maureen Fearon, Parent

Mavis Wenham, ANKH Services

Karen Booth

Carol Armstrong, parent

Lynette Kennedy, Camden Learning Disability Service

Kay Hyatt

Ben Geiger, University of Kent

Gemma Uddin, parent of a child with PMLD and group called Mikhail's Mission

Colonel (Retired) Alex Winkworth, n/a

Carey Bamber

Lara Howard, N/A

Lisa Johnson

Emma Murphy

Prof. Grace Ioppolo

Jodie Ross

Dr Peter Beal

Johnny Timpson, Disability & Access Champion For The Insurance Industry & Profession

Will Sadler, Beacon Films CIC

Catherine Jones

Leslie Morley ( Revd Canon)

Tracey Hayward-Holmes, Parent

Mrs Hayley Guest

Kev Howard, Disabled artist and actavist


Peter Scott

Abigail Allen, Sister

Ravinda Cheema, Abtastic

Alistair Beverley, The LD Physio

Sarah Selwood, Full time carer

Diane Leishman, Self

Jay Newman

Suzanne Ellul

Bernadette John, Parent

Elise, Parent and Carer Alliance

Karen Carlin

Jane Crawford

Brenda Steven, CISWO

Helen Oxlade, Self

Erica Thomas

Mary Hunter

Bridget Devine

James Fitzpatrick-Ellis

Mary Mottram, Parent and carer

Anna Pilson, University of Durham

Vicky Eastmond

Dr Alison Tarrant, Cardif University

Paula Hopes, Learning Disability Nurse Consultant

Jenny Fisher

Midnight Memphis

Marina Russ, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Susan Bennett

Sara Wood, Parent

Joe Gough, Wigtownshire Stuff

Jessica Holmes

Angela Norman, Parent

Aisha, ACDAF & WAY

Magy Hany, ..

Hannah Wood, Carer

Adam Fenney, Carer

Kirstie hamill

Anisha Gupta, Kings College Hospital

Joanna Gunther

Ann Lloyd, APL Inclusion Limited


Rhiannon Duffield

Andy McNicoll

Dr Emmylou Rahtz, University of Exeter

Selina collins

Richmond Tyser, The Pocket Learner Education System

Dr Liz Ellis, University of the Highlands and Islands

Linda Cronin, Chair (UCU University of Roehampton Branch)

Daniel Baker, Trustee, DMD Pathfinders

Nicola Revill, Parent

Holly MacDougall-Corbin, Housing support service, Wales.

Grace Alexander, Star Children Initiative

Kirsty Baxter

Liz Estcourt

Georgie Oldfield, SIRPA Ltd

Christine Towers, Together Matters

Russell Coates, Immanuel Presbyterian church

Rebecca Edwards, SBUHB Specialist Behavioural Team

Angharad Butler-Rees, University of Southampton

Helen Leonard, NHS

Claire close, Parent

Kath Card

Katherine Mellor

Eric Laurier, The University of Edinburgh

Roberta Irwin

Katerina Holmes

Tom Irwin

Kate Strutt, Redstone PBS

Dr Reena R Kumar, Co Creating Wellness & Special Olympics Bharat

Sue Caton

Gregory Smith

Dr Jean O’Hara

Natasha Doddington

Patricia Gibson, Nhs

Sharon Douglas, Parent

Adele Havercroft

Lynn Mulhern, Support Worker

Ben Pearson

Anna Kaminska

Carolyn Adams, Listen4change

Tim Boxall

Rachael Gardener, WeLoveCarers Charity

Alison McManus

Pat dunkley

Gillian Houston, Church

Louise Norman, Kettering General Hospital

June corbett

Johanna Norderyd, Paediatric dentist at Centre for rare disorders

Rosemary Trustam, a member of Preston LD Forum; C.L Initiatives ltd and registered social worker

Elizabeth Norman, Kettering General Hospital

Johanna mcavoy

Mark Leach

Lorraine Cameron, Disabledviewuk

Aissata ly

Susan Raddon

Lynne Westwood, learning disability nurse

Denise Humberstone, Making Chromosome Count

Stephen Van den Hoek

Paula Phillips, Public Health Wales

Clare Hill

Suzanne Thomson, Unity Works

Sam Downie, Autistic BAFTA considered Actor / Filmmaker

Nick Dixon, Greater Manchester HSCP

Jane Minter, board member of NDTi

Lisa Van Den hoek

Lauren Van den hoek, An

Katherine Baldwin

Clare Boylan, Western trust

Jakki Hanlon

Colin Adair, Retired veteran

Steph Robson, Hello Little Lady

Rachel Wilson

Alexandra Broderick, Pardon, I'm deaf facebook group

Elaine McTaggart, Grants Mum

brian fisher

Alex Richards, n/a

Kate McMurdo, Children’s Legal Centre (volunteer)

Judi Mortimore, Concerned mum

Berni Vincent

Rev John Cox, Clergy

Mike Tait

Joanne Mcallister, Parent

Sharon Haynes, Parent

Julie Helen Williams, Parent/Carer

Hayley Phillips, Parent

Dhanesh Ratnaike

Tina Phillips, Grandmother

Cindy MacCormac

Carley Moon, Parent

Sarah Bruce, Specialist learning disability physiotherapist.

Chris, Cerebral palsy


Rebecca de luen

Paul Weaver, Green Party Disability Group

Kathleen Joanne Cunningham, Parent

Jane Morrow, University of Atypical

Gemma wigley

Tracy Mulhearn, Merseycare

Madeleine Johnson, Nurse and parent carer

Tina Phillips, Grandmother/ Mother

Sophie O'Connell, Solicitor

Piper-Anna Shields, NHS Volunteer

Maria Dale

Piper-Anna Shields, NHS Volunteer

Lucy, Healthcare

J Lesley Cunnington, Parent

Susan McKenzie, Parent

Helen Thompson

Hannah Jennings, Student Nurse

Debbie Cadwallader, Mother

Deanne winks

Martha Foulds

Jo Nye, ImPACT

Simon Gardner

Pat coyne, We love carers

Jolanta Lasota, Ambitious about Autism

Mike Roncone, Disabled

Elaine McCulloch, Parent

Kirsty Henry

Anne davies, We love carers

Anne davies

Rachel worrell, Parent

Kat Darcy, Individual

Bernie Fife-Schaw, patient

Heather waters

Sam Smith, C-Change Scotland

Dane Anne McGuire, Personal capacity

Ade Couper, N/A

Denise Crawford, Mum

Sophie Cooklynn, N/A

Dr Sue Greening MBE

Tracey, Carers Unite

Rachel Carolan, Parent

Christina Schwabenland

Dinah Murray, No It's not Just About Autism

Kadija Abdirahman, Mother of Autistic Child

Joanne Howell, Jo Howell photography and maverickart

Sara Donlan

Christopher Moon, Parent

Jessica Hope, School Counselling Service

Kate Bidwell

Amanda Burns-Adair

April Sethi, Portraits of grit

Sue Walters, Family Carer

Jack Czauderna, Retired GP

Maureen O'Leary, Retired Psychiatrist

Sara Meredith

Alan Meredith

Claudia Walters

Nikki Hughes, Disabled person

shivani pal, Age uk Trafford

Jaci Beddard

Susan Devonport, Lincolnshire County Council

Rose, N/a

Dr Andrew Power, University of Southampton

gary joseph, open rights group

Melissa hunt, Mother

Philip Barton MCD BA(Hons) MRTPI, Self-employed

Kathryn Knowles, Cura Financial Services

Martin Rooney, Me

Lisa Williams, Parent carer

Cheryl evans, Charity trustee

Janet Hoskin, University of East London

Sara Bunting, Individual

Sally Percival, Co-Chair TLAP, National Co-production Advisory Group

Erle Taylor

Graham Miller, London City Mission

Caroline Aubrey, DDX3X

Pete Aubrey, DDX3X

Dave Serpell-Stevens

Ariane Brown

Natasja Dumay, Quakers Disability Forum

Charlotte Moger

Alison Prosser

Md Akther Hossain, West Ham

Kevin Davis, Grove Cottage Mencap

Sarah Howard, Park Theatre

Lisa Cookson, Parent

Emily Cornell

Edward Parker, N/A

Anna, Induvidual

Miriam Walters

Althea Primrose

Jack Primrose

Tiger de Souza, National Trust

Emily Georghiou

Sarah Roberts, Local authority social worker

Mary Jeremuah

L Virdi, Parent

Vivien Goodwin

Rosemary Frazer, Disability Inclusion Consultant

Mohammed Patel, KPMG

Oliver wood, Lay member, NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group

Patricia, none

Shelagh Thompson, University of Liverpool

Neena rani, Parent

Joanne Whiley, Good luck telling me my child is not worthy of a ventilator

Chris Gallagher, Graham

Lynsey Campbell, Accessible Dumfies and Galloway fb page disabled

Chris Bennett, Bennett Construction

Dr Vaibhav Kumar, PHD

Jamie Newcombe

Graham Morgan MBE

Jules Bradbury

Collette Hamilton

Sue Sharples, U-Night Group

Geoff Adams-Spink

Peter flynn

Mellissa Mackell, Parent carer

Mellissa Mackell, KIDS

Kate Baker

Alan Baker

Samara Flaherty-rigg, Parent

Lisa Appleyard-Keeling, Manchester metropolitan university

Michael Carroll-Owen, UTRUK

shamila naeed

Rebecca, Shop manager

Robert Lynch, retired

Jordan jeffcoate

Dr priya verma, Child Dental care

Sarah Totten, Belfast

Katie Bradshaw

Cindy-Jane Armbruster, Member of the Equity Deaf and Disabled Members Committee

Alanna Saudade

Marie Barber

Angie Dryden, Parent

Carly Henson, Na

Sarah Drew

Shelley Johnson

Charlotte Crofts, UWE Bristol

Hannah, NHS

Mary Margaret Wilson

Patricia Hanna ( N. Lawley), Retired special needs teacher

Bethan Foden, Parent

Rebecca Symon

Maggie Layton

Trish Hodson, Access & Inclusivity Matters

Elin Butler, NHS worker

Marianne Scobie

Richard Imrie, Waitrose distribution center Bracknell

Amy clennell, human being

Rachel Fisher

Arthur Grant

Christopher Bateman

david Feuchtwanger

Melanie Knoedler

Dr Donald Macaskill, Scottish Care

Zikra Alkhayal

Leena Hill, Parent of a Severely Learning Disabled (Adult) Child

Elaine Graham-Leigh

Michele Hopwood, Uclan

Tabatha porter, Teacher

Dr Jo Thomas Composer, Freelance composer

Jacqueline Patterson, Angus

Janet Pamela Best, a former trustee of Rett UK, I have a daughter with Rett syndrome and my husband has semantic dementia.

Julie Kirk, Advocate

Jolene, None

Karen Whelan-Springer, Derbyshire Disabled People Against Cuts

Andrea Burford

Claudia Webbe MP, Member of Parliament for Leicester East

Michael Shenton, Unite Community

Mrs Eykyn

shamsher chohan, communities inc

Caroline Nelson

June Eaton, Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum

June Eaton

Rebecca Watson

Lucy Morris

Rhona Lang, Freelance Disability WRO/Consultant

Lorri Boxall

Sue Shaw

Julie Ward, Labour Party member & former MEP

Irene Theochari

Justine Blomeley, Sport England

Ashley Chapman

Dr Sarah Yiannoullou

Jonathan Senker, Chief Executive

Anam Ahmed, University Dental College, Dept. Of Dental Public Health

Helen Thompson, Parent

Lauren Robinson

Mr Lee Fermandel, Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Angela Henderson, Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory

Raheem Bhatti

Dr Rachel Holdforth, Chaplain

Liz Howard, British Association of Social Workers


Valerie Marriott, Loughborough Labour Party

Lorraine Davies

Kathryn Yates, MacIntyre

Mette Westander, Change for Disabled Students UK

Rebecca Chester, UKLDCNN

Marjorie Hadden, None

Rose Kent, Accessible Arts & Media

Margaret Gault, Friends of People First Fraserburgh

Ollie Flitcroft

Hormoz Ahmadzadeh, Result CIC

Lewis Brookes

Caitlin Lord

Emma Smith, Solihull Action through Advocacy

Kerry Devine, Improving Lives Notts

Mike Oxlong

Damien Coyle MBE, University of Atypical

Bev Couzens, Parent

Alka Saunders, parent

Sonya Chowdhury, Action for M.E.

Claire Camplin, Disability Advice Service Lambeth

Lucy Fullard, Parent and Carer Alliance

Mike Dalton

Gareth Hughes, My Life Legacy

Lynette Forbes, Parent

Katy Stevens

Gwenda Dimmock

Ellen Clarke

Alison Giraud-Saunders, Self-employed

Beth Kume-Holland, Patchwork Hub

Jo Grady, University and College Union

Sense, national Disability charity

Alexandra Mason, University of Oxford

Dr Teodor Mladenov, University of Dundee

Roddy Slorach, Senior Disability Advisor, Imperial College London

Josh Dean

Miles Pilling, 26Miles4MND

Brian Logan, CEO, Capability Scotland

Pat Elder

Gail Petty, National Development Team for Inclusion

Dr Jill Stavert and Colin McKay, Centre for Mental Health and Capacity Law, Edinburgh Napier University

千場 このみ, KPMGあずさサステナビリティ

Carol Ann Probert

indie flynn, Square Peg SCIO

sandy marshall

Beth Hollihead, MPH

Lucy Waitt

Louise Bishop

Sharon Brown, N

Ivis Walker

Louise Hale, NHS worker

Cheryl Smith

Matthew Davison, Self employed

Michael Treacey

Dave Fleming

Cara Pears, Scope

Alex Fox OBE, Shared Lives Plus

Lorraine smith

Pooja Bhakar

Alison McKeown, Accuro (Care Services)

Katie Ghose, KIDS

Dr Karen Newbigging, University of Birmingham

Satvir Rehal, N/A

Julie Mutch, Parent/carer

Nabilla afgan

Sohilla Afgan

Becky Jenner, Rett UK

Louise Nesbitt, Civil service

Becki Meakin, Shaping Our Lives

Ian Loynes, SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living

Katie Pennick

Nat Le Brun

Rochdale and District Disability Action Group (RADDAG)

Rebecca Cole

Maria Hadden

Norman Hadden

Karen Parry, Inclusion North CIC

Vivien Cooper, The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

Jennie Oldfield, University of Birmingham

Amundeep Virdi

Sukjinder kaur, Non

Jusdeep Virdi

Ian Holloway, Parent

Charlotte elder

Kaltun JAMA, Mother

Becki Parker, Inclusion North

Andy Needle, Manchester People First

Catherine Lajoinie

Ken Dalley, Specialist in Special Care Dentistry

Liz Sayce

Jennifer Rose

Voyage Care

Mrs Grethe Ridgway, Not applicable

Dr Sarah Carr, University of Birmingham

Irene Andow, Parent

Bruce Harrison, Manchester Metropolitan University

Tony & Bebe Milroy, Parents of Daughter with Learning Difficulties & Special Needs

Des Trollip, ROWAN Arts Centre, Cambridge

Sergei Vasiliev, Self Employed

Dr Rachel Perkins, Senior Consultant, Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC); Co-editor of ‘Mental Health and Social Inclusion’; Chair, Disability Advisory Group of the Equality and Human Rights Commission; Chair of IPS London Network; Non-Executive Director: The Recovery Focus Group and Health Employment Partnership

Alison Gregory, Parent

Jane Turner, FACET

Heather Davidson, The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People

Visits Unlimited CIC, Visits Unlimited CIC

Marston York

Gregory Walters, retired

Ryan Witney-Hill, Learning Disabilities and Autism Commissioning Team, Cambridgeshire County Council

Sandy Taylor, Chairman,, East Dunbartonshire Visually Impaired People's Forum, Scotland

Cathy Maker & Alan Benson, Ruils

Susan McKechnie BA (Hons) MSc, Disabled person and parent

Naomi Johnston, Parent

Lou Birks, Healthy Minds Calderdale

Don Redding, independent consultant in person centred care

Angela Munoz

Loraine Stockton, Gather Dudley CIC

Andrea Wiggins, Nexus

Kerry Banks BEM, Martha Trust

Peter Simon, Inclusive Communities

Eileen Stevenson

Sapana Basnet Bista, Liverpool John Moores University

Madissa & Anne-Marie Asgari, Den Barry, Paul Smith OBE, Toucan Diversity

Steph Cutler, Making Lemonade

Caroline Gould, Skye and Lochalsh Access Panel

Caroline Hill, Making SENse Creative Services

Joanne Smith, Patient with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

Kirsty Grady

Reg Jeffery, Retired

Marje Jeffery, Retired

Phillip Treacey

Dr Angela Fenwick, University of Southampton

Anna Morell

Kim Whiffen-Brown, Martha Trust

Morvenna Richards, ceredigion support for corona virus

Paula Woodward, parent and carer

Dr Amy Kavanagh, Visually Impaired Activist & Campaigner

Nicola Abel, Healthy Minds Calderdale

Carole Trenaman

Natasha Karena Nathan, Keyring North Yorkshire self advocate for adults with learning disabilities and or autism.

Julie Mostyn

Richard Boggie, Difference North East

Rebecca Steele CEO, Rochdale and District Mind

Jolanta Pupkyte

Rowan Bosworth

Clare Skidmore, Personal capacity

Sue Adamson, Mind

The Three Guineas Trust

Karen Fenwick

Dr Janet Read, University of Warwick Medical School

Jane Hunt OBE, Association of Disabled Professionals

Julie Benson, Rett UK

Jan Russell, Chair, WAMES (Welsh Association ME & CFS Support)

Geraldine Blake, Parent

Zoe dawes

Kelvin Blake (Chair), West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (WECIL)

Helen Nixon, Positive Action for MS

Kate Jarvis, Private individual

Sam Noronha, Parent

Wayne Parfitt, Parent

Genetic Alliance UK

Mrs Beverley Hopwood, Partner to disabled person

M.Littlewood, N/A

Ian Kenny

Penny Strickett, Rochdale and District Mind

Kez Barnaby, n/a

Ceri Hooper, Valley Daffodils

Hafsa Hussain

Barry Windle, Chair - Rochdale and District Mind

Peter Hay, Turning Point

Claire Hall

Philly Hare, Innovations in Dementia

Frank Manning, Rochdale & District Mind

Kerryanne Marjerrison, Not applicable

Julie Bass, CEO Turning Point, Turning Point

Andrea Krug, n/a

Olwen Stevenson, MIND Rochdale and borough

Liz Callaghan, Values Into Action Scotland

Debra Smith, Mayfin IP Ltd

clare burgess, Surrey Coalition of Disabled People

John Lane, Self

Luitha Tamaya

Kade Peregrine

Katie Mottram, Hourglass

Dr. Jo Grady, General Secretary, University and College Union

Meeta Madhani, N/A

Carol Swann, Parent

Michael Gibson, none

Madeline Close, Disabled People's Voice

Martin Stevens OBE, Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

David Birney

Gaynor Osborn, Artist

Jacqueline catt, To support Rett uk

Martin Symons, Norwich Access Group

Emma Mortonson

Neil Allen Kerr, Rochdale & District Mind

Adrian Hartley, Carer Representative Notts Learning Disability and Autism Partnership Board


Richard Lloyd-Jones

Alison Buick, none

simone fuller, self muscular dystrophy

Tom Griffiths, Parasol

Farida Shoesmith, Parent, Let Us Communicate

Cheryl mitchell

Sue Turner, NDTi (associate)

Phil Fraser

Sara Millichamp, Support Worker

S.Seager, Parent of disabled

D.Seager, Parent of disabled

Valerie Joyce Rylance

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, (GMCDP)

Carol Wright

Pauline Wood, parent

Paul Crawford

Paul mcdermott, B McDermott and son ( lancs) ltd, builders

Helen Good

Miss Hilary D. P. Ball

Yvonne, No organisation

Lorraine Southam, Unemployed due to a Disability

Claire Cairns, Coalition of Carers in Scotland

Geraldine O'Connor

Dennis Queen, Not Dead Yet UK Member

Neill Whittingham

Linda Whitby, British Polio FELLOWSHIP

Lauren Avery, Minority Rights Group International

Caroline Hamilton, n/a

Joyce Wright

Angelina Ivanova

Oana Brandus, Labour Party member

Kush Kanodia, Social Entrepreneur

Sarah Petchell, N/A

Cara Molyneux, Lancaster University

Michelle jones

Alison Carpenter, CQC, Carer, learning disability nurse and member of the public

Samantha Paterson

DebraEverill, Parent

Helen Veitch, N/a

Paul Sims, N/A

Rosemary Yarrow, Self

Pat Humphries

Paul Atherton, MECFS Sufferer

anna-mary overing

Siobhán McGrath

Erik Zoha, Online campaigner

Sophie Ranford, self advocate

Kevin Urquhart, Self advocate

James John Gibson, Self advocate

Angela Russell

Ide-Marie Helie


Thomas Parkin


Susan Yates, UWE Bristol

Angela Jackson, JAD Healthcare Ltd

Angela Bentley

David Nice, (freelance)

David Edwards

Margaret Davies, CSSS

cezary m bednarski, studio bednarski ltd

Cliff Haynes, Citizen

Danielle Prentice

Karen Bullock

Warren Belcher, Social Worker

Bert Bailie

Gemma Waring, G Waring Consulting

Stephen Evans, Radio Clatterbridge

Judith Keith, Member of public concerned for friends

Anthony Biss, HBH Community Action

Des Kelly, Centre for Policy on Ageing

Helen Price

Leonard Murray

Jaison, Nhs

Mary Reed, Wiltshire centre for independent living

Geraldine Bentley, Wiltshire centre for independent living

Chantal chaervey, Carer

Nikki Young, Mutual Support MS

Rose Anderson l

Kevin McMahon, not applicable

Linda Cynk

Karen Edwards-Williams

Catherine Mercer, not applicable

Angela mackey

Carol Davidson

Shagufta Malik, None

Alison Jones, Vale Residential

Emmerson Walgrove, Bradford & District Disabled People's Forum (BDPF)

susan hornsby, Katie's mum

Sharon Hobson, N/A

Joanne Hatton

Annette Adams, Retired Formally CAB

Raquel Meseguer

Christine King

Mary Hirton, Foster parent

Rob Longrigg, Citizens Advice, Harefield Transplant Club and Cystic Fibrosis

Julie Rutherford, Individual

Mrs Julie Savory, A Human Being

Vanessa Bowen, Individual

Anthony Cauchi, none

Valerie bradley, No organisation

sharon smith, Hampshire Centre for Independent Living

Mohammed Mohsanali, Transport for All

Tahnia Haque, Student

Crystal Voyle, University of Leicester

Emma porcu, lytham care

Hilary Truss, Rett Uk

Aviva Leeman, EVERYBODY Ltd.

Rachel Hubbard, Outreach Cumbria

David parkin

Rich Walker, personal capacity


Carl Mount, Disabled Claimant

Chris Thompson, Concerned individual

Laura Truscott

Susan Searle

Michael Lewis, Phoenix Professional Development

Julie mcilwrath, Parent of a disabled child

Elizabeth Edwards, Carer

Kenny Davies, Our Houses Our People

Deborah reid, None

Jill Barrow

Carol Hart, Parent

Catherine Saunders

Shashi Patel, Individual

Dee Murray, Carer

Russell Murray, Carer

Michael Murray, Disabled

Ansuya Patel, Individual

Naomi Waters, The KEYS Project

Susan Duggan-Chamekh

Aimee Critchley

Your support Matters CIC, Your Support Matters CIC

Aimee Critchley, IRTS Hauts de France (régional institute of social work, north of france)

Beverley Harrison, Retired

Katie Moore, None

Alicia C Green

Akinwande Davies, Parent

Clare Sander, Unpaid carer

John Trinder, Registered Disable



Jess Thom, Co Artistic Director - Tourettshero

Sue Worsley

Carol belshaw

Michelle hili


Julie Baird, Parent of a young person with disabilities

Mark Jones

Fernando Martín Tofanelli

Jo-Anne Burrow

Lisa Keyte

Vivienne, Parent

Barbara serres, Private

Roger Hamilton, Self

Katie Inge, Disability Advocate & “Vulnerable Person”

Jo Hamilton

M.munns, Parent

Pam Hickmott Roy Hickmott, Mother Father son Tony

Lee mcdermott, Private disabled Individual

Caroline Alexander, Parent

Sarah Cooke

Pam Roy Hickmott, Behalf of Autistic Son


Kaz Molloy

Abdur-Raheem Modan

Danielle manley

Teresa Lopes-O’Brien, West London Branch of the National Autistic Society

Shirley L, Lysaght

Rosemary G Burslem, Mother of adult son with a severe learning disability

Stephen Janvier, Sole trader

Mohammed Al-hassan, Disability Rights UK

Christopher Jones

Pip Harrison Teacher of the Deaf

Paul Barnes

Jennifer Powderhill, N/A

Mjka Anne Scott

Willow Holloway, Autistic UK

Autistic Women's Empowerment Project

Autistic UK

Adila Butt, Parent

Carla ingham

S McAughey BA (hons)

Kevin, N/A

Dr John Astbury, Individual

Paul Preston - Parent/Carer/IEM

Rebecca Vick

Pat Mooney, none

Joanne Minaghan

Lisa Tidbury, Parent carer of disabled child

Siobhan Hunt, The Advocacy People

Suzanne Grice, PCS

Anica Zeyen

Frank McGinn, Retired

Hanne Lee, Private individual

Kate, Friend

Richard, forrest

Gemma Cook, Brunel University London

Sarah Ince, Patient

Christine McAinsh, Parent /carer

Robert McAinsh, Parent /carer

Philippa Griffiths

loretta petrucci, privet

Andrew McAinsh

Anne Russell, Individual

Lorraine Carney

Sam Moore, Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum (and several practical conservation volunteering posts)

George Ferguson

Phil Ambler, Thomas Pocklington Trust

Colm, Martin

Les Scaife, West Lancs Peer Support

Mary MacKinnon, Retired

Ennis gallagher, None

Charles Coyle, Catholic Church

Yvonne Murphy, Omidaze Productions

Georgina Whiley, Norfolk County Council

Anna Cusack

Selene Burn, Wellcome Collection

Dr Tabitha Collingbourne

marion susan sullivan, family

Ruksana Ghoas, Rochdale and District Mind

Edel Scott, Teacher

Jacqueline Fusco, SELF

Sheila moorcroft, LDE, SIGNAL

Rosemary Tierney, GP

Ian, Private

Sean Kinahan, Headway East London

Angela Martin, Public member

Shane Hayward

Diane Walsham

Emma Radcliffe, N/A

Mark Baggley, Choices and Rights Disability Coalition

Thomas Quinn, Church group

Kate Horsley

John Russell, Citizen

John Carter, JDC Photography & IT Services

Oana Lindner, University of Leeds

Evelyn McLeod, Friend

Professor Martin Levinson, Bath Spa University / D4D project

Dr Steven Voy, NHS LOTHIAN

Dr Claudia Gillberg, Centre for Welfare Reform

James O'Hagan, Parent of a disabled son

Angela Cron

Dr Tanvir Bush, Bath Spa university

Dr Naomi Lawson Jacobs, Bantry Bridge Disability Research and Training

Rosa Morris

Nigel Long, Harrow Association of Disabled People

Margaret Hendry, Relative of disabled people

Lara Varga, Individual

Rachel McDonal

Amanda Harrison, Powys County Council

Geoff Brennan, Star Wards/Bright Charity

Mia ford

Elizabeth Greenhorn, Ozanam SVDP

Theo Wildcroft

Keith Lynch, People First (Scotland)

Geraldine Snape, Private Individual

Ben Fox, LiveFresh

Robert Boswell, Myself

Fr Daniel Rooney, R C Church

Uzma Firdos, Rochdale & District Mind

Dr D O’Flynn, Parent and cared

Alan Gladstone

Colin Milne, Concerned Parent Carer

Jess Wade, Self Directed Support Scotland

Stephen Bell

Carole Anne Williams, Coalition

Mike Gee, Gitelmans UK

sadia tariq sultan, Premier

John Richardson

Rosemary Clarke, N/A

Cath Mcgrath

Stewart Hannah, Retired.

Natalie Gee, Gitelman Syndrome UK

Kirsty Morgan, Inclusion North

Anne Duddy

Jo Billington, University of Reading

Mary Welsh, Carer

Radoš Keravica, University of Leeds, Center for Disability Studies

Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC)

Sara Hunt, Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity

Rodanthi Tzanelli, University of Leeds

Dr Yvonne Waft, Individual

Sue Cranmer, Lancaster University

David Field, Disabilities Officer, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP

Heather Davison, Parent Carers Cornwall and Independent Cornwall Autism Network

Catherine Young

Sally Robertson, Cloisters Chambers

Mandy Firouzeh Kokani

Roxana Barbulescu, University of Leeds

Marisa Maxwell

Fiona Cozens, Bereaved PMLD mother/carer

Jo Palmer

Denise Mellows, N/a

Agnes Henderson

Susan Smedley, Parent

Doug Peacock, Different Strokes Northampton

Esperanza Moreno, #MEAction UK

Li Sun, University of Leeds

Dr Carla Finesilver, King's College London

Paul Traynor, Carers Trust Scotland

AMANDA LYON, individual

Noreen Sweeney, Our lady of Lourdes community

Nora Houston OBE, N/A

Tracey Dawson

Miss Melanie Forrest

Elizabeth McCarthy

Dr Ian Basnett

James Davie, Church

Andrew Corbett, Concerned citizen

Matt Clifton, bemix c.i.c.

Emma Burns, Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust

Colette Brown, Member of the public

Rev Dr Michael Killoran Ross

Rebecca Porter, University of Leeds (centre for disability studies)

Carys Kennedy, Lewisham Disabled People’s Commission

Dr Mary Chambers, University of Leeds

Amy Turner

Cristina Cardona Barreña, University of York

Shirley Ireton, Parent of the eldest U.K. Donnai Barrow survivor who is now Stage 4 renal failure.

Elizabeth Keith, Disability Rights

Michael Avis, Severly disabled

Dr Jade French, Member of Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds

Michele Neill, Friend

Kayleigh Ann Birkett, Sister

Wendy Fillingham, Parent

Anthony Basham, Volunteer

Rob Gough, Family carer

Amanda Taylor

Tomas Puentes, University of Leeds

Christian Harrison, Leeds Disabled People's Organisation

Dr Leah Songhurst

Mirela Ciocan

Rachel Barton, Parent of disabled child

Will Hadwen, Hadwen welfare rights

Christopher John Ball

Alice Schippers, Disability Studies in Nederland

Alison Boow

Jane Steventon

Ian Steventon

Gill Thomson, GPS

Lesley Freeman, Quakers

Jamie McCarthy

Lynn Michaels

Sammy Henderson, CNTW

Janine Brownless , Carer/Parent

Kaitlyn Brownless , Autistic

Sheila Parry

Sue Turner, Sense

Naomi Vickers

Meg Kennedy

Alex Hadwen-Bennett

Geraldine Wade, friend

Dr Kirsteen Macdonald

Gerry Stanton, Union Church, Crouch End

Chiara Monzoni

Dr Karen Watchman, University of Stirling

Laura Hughes-McCormack

James Ridley, Edge Hill University

Dr. Darren Chadwick, The University of Wolverhampton

Paul Reddy, N/A

Pauline Heslop, University of Bristol

Professor Sally-Ann Cooper OBE, University of Glasgow

Steven Allen, Validity Foundation - Mental Disability Advocacy Centre

Dr Louise Denne, The University of Warwick

Simon Gray

Ian Oakley,

Shelagh Garside, Carer

Francesca Ribenfors, Lancaster University

Emily Bonner

Jeannette Wilkinson

Joanne Greenhalgh, University of Leeds

Joseph Lopes-O'Brien, Parent

Dr Vaso Totsija, University College London

Susan Kempster

Angela Hampton , Emma's mum.

Peter Limbrick, Interconnections

Teresa Sanderson, In the Laughter Locker / Virtual Media Goddess

Leah Vanono, Tizard Centre, University of Kent

Jo Keegan

Deborah Knox, Friend

elane heffernan, Univeristy and College Union, Chair Disabled Members Committee, NEC

Gerard Cullen, ALMA

Erin Cullen , Nhs

Jenny Askew

Pauline Hamilton

Jenny Walsh

Farwa Raza

Shirley Durell, Self-employed

Deirdre Reilly, Barnet integrated learning disability service

Ruth Nelson , The Queen Katherine School

Joy Egglestone

Clare Mawson

Charles Bartram

Sarah Lowe, Parent

Tanya Thomas

David Gillon, Disabled Activist

Katharine Slade, Parent

Mary claire Lawson

Melissa Fathers, Parent

Richard Augier, Retired

Lorna Watson, NHS Fife

Steven hemmings

Lauren Johnson-King, Disability Advice Service Lambeth

Rosie, Support

Neil Vass, GP, NHS. Parent / carer

Isobel Vass, JP. Parent carer of two young adults with learning disabilities

Kate Theodore, Royal Holloway University of London

Allister Towndrow-Berwick

Dr Neil Sinclair, Sinclair-Strong Consultants Ltd.

Sarah Troke

Harriet Bensley

Katherine Northall

Aileen Tierney

Sarah Woodall

Anita Atkinson, Disabled Employer for my Care Team

Peter Lamb

Dr Samantha Flynn, University of Warwick

Professor Ian Welsh OBE, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Peter Alldridge, Queen Mary, University of London

Simon Hodgson, Carers Scotland

wendy micklewright, just me

C. Coveney , University of Leeds

Dr Paul Sharpe, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS

Charmian Gamble

Angela O'Hare, Independent Advocate

Julian John, Delsion

Yvonne Wood, Mother of disabled son

Kamila Gielnik, Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme

Sinéad Morrison

Emily Holland , SEND teaching assistant


Catherine McNally, Healthy Minds

Janine O'Connor, O'Connor PA Services Ltd

Sonia Murrells, Support Worker

Biff Crabbe

Umesh Raichada, HAD

Liz Ryburn, Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK

Katherine Loveday Hullock, British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology

Isobel Johnston, NHS community Intellectual disability Nurse

Benedict Armitage, University of Sheffield

Lucy Allison , University of Sheffield

Sarah Rousseau, Friend

Demi Jervis

Jackie Guyler, Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK

Marion Fallon

Kathryn Dewey

Dr Dan O'Hare, Educational Psychologist

Claire Raw, Derbyshire County Council

Esta Norton, Sheffield Labour Students

Evangeline Linehan Bowles, Retired

Sam Grant, Liberty

Emeritus Professor Sheila Glenn, Liverpool John Moores University

Lynne Smith

Emily Morton, Disability Sheffield

Kaye Garwood, None

Pat Newton, Cranbrook Community Foundation

Emma Chalkley

Susy Braidwood

Darlington Association on Disability 

Rebecca Gurry, Action for ME

Karen Gee, Parent

Mr a kee, Disabled Artist

Anna tylor

Jo Moss, University of Surrey

Ipek Demir, University of Leeds

Fabien Firth

Dianne Neal, Bassetlaw Learning Disability Association

Libby Roper, Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK

Catherine Scarlett

Jo Spicer, Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK

michael j hopkins

Afzal khan, BROADWAY

Benjamin Boenke

Clare Wilson, LCA

Janette Waddingham, Parent of disabled child

Sanghwa Lee, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Hazel Shaw, Dolphin Computer Access

Michelle Daley, Alliance for Inclusive Education

Lesley Kilshaw, Clinical Lead for ASD and LD in Midlands

Mandy Kokani

Louise Unsworth-Murphy, Louise Unsworth-Murphy

Stephanie Boughton

Michelle Saunders

Beryl Saunders

Karen S Barden

Dr Catherine Paget, Southampton university hospital foundation trust

Amy Avis

Colleen Johnson, Seat holder for Disabled Members on the National Exec National Education Union

Dawn Mcclean, Private carer

Margaret Cumming, Manor Farm Holidays

Lisa Connor

Anneka Avery

Mandy louise Hammett

Samuel Luke Russell

Nicola Smith

Sandra Short, NHS

Emma, Student

Chris Iddon

Roy Galway

Robert Tylor, Spinal patient

Chris Thomas, The Health Foundation

Katherine Mansfield

Elizabeth Swan, The Square Pegs Education UK

Becky Wilkinson, Stick n step

Discrimination Law Association

Tim Kovacs, None

Helen Leonard-Williams

Margaret Conlon, University of Stirling

Daisy Sore

Aisling O'Beirn

Dave Bracher, Spinal Injuries Association

Amy Redhead, University of Leeds

Mandy Sexton, Parent of Son who is registered disabled with Down Syndrome

Andrew Burgess

James Towler, Stepping Stones Mental Health Support

Jenny Whinnett, Family Carer Consultant, Deputy Chair, PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society)

Emily Clark

Tanya Heal

Anna Wilde, Individual

Elaine Mcbride, Parent

Karen Saville, SAWN (Support & Advice Women's Network)

Gavin Croft, Person

Jayne Moore, Parent

Louise Regan, National Education Union

Nicola Herring

Mary McBride

Peng Wu, University of Leeds

Lisa Homan, Chelsea & Fulham Constituency Labour Party