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Free webinar: Tips and tools for supporting disabled people in training and work

26 September 2019


Register for our upcoming webinar on Tips and tools for supporting disabled people in training and work 

Date of webinar: 17 Oct 2019 

About the webinar:

Adam Tweed of AbilityNet and Rabia Lemahieu of Disability Rights UK will present on this webinar, bringing their breadth and depth of experience working with disabled people in different settings.

Rabia runs a training and advice programme for careers practitioners and other professionals who work with disabled young people in education, training and careers contexts. 

Adam has been developing AbilityNet’s online tool for universities to support students with additional needs, My Study My Way, and he will share valuable tips and resources, and advise on technical adjustments to help disabled people.

During the webinar Rabia and Adam will:

Provide information on resources and approaches for helping disabled people of working age to enter the workplace

Suggest adjustments you need to consider to support those with additional needs in the workplace

Outline the tools, apps and in-built features that can make a difference 

Who is this webinar for?:

HR professionals 

Careers advisors 

Professionals who work with disabled young adults and students 

Diversity and inclusion professionals

Disabled jobseekers who are looking for advice about support in the workplace or in education.

The webinar will last 1 hour and includes a question and answer session. Those who register for the webinar will receive a recording, even if unable to attend live. We use My Clear Text to provide live captions during the webinar.

Register now