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Prospective MPs pledge to end fuel poverty

19 November 2019

As members of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, Disability Rights UK is urging members to ask their General Election candidates to sign the EFPC Manifesto pledging to end fuel poverty. 75 potential cross-party MPs have signed so far. http://www.endfuelpoverty.org.uk/ending-fuel-poverty-must-be-priority-for-next-government/

List of signatories:

Jonathan Lord
Caroline Lucas
Rachael Maskell
Helen Hayes
Angela Eagle
Ian Lavery
Wera Hobhouse
Tom Brake
Kate Green
Geraldine Coggins
Isabel Thurston
Lois Davis
Christopher Garghan
Becky Finlayson
Leslie Groves Williams
Lucy Downes
Daniel Laycock
Vivien Lichtenstein
Caroline Jackson
James Booth
Adrian Holmes
Neil Jameson
Benjamin Smith
Paul Turpin
Adam Colclough
Alan Borgars
Claire Jackson-Prior
Martin Brampton
Tom Scott
Andrew Johns
Chris Altree
Kerena Marchant
Mike Davies
George Penny
Beth Miller
Andrew Gwynne
Mark Sewards
Vicky Foxcroft
Nadia Whittome
Charlotte Holloway
Sean Dromgoole
Emma Lewell-Buck
Simon Letts
Pete Lowe
Gill Ogilvie
Kama McKenzie
Jeanette Sunderland
James Baker
Paul Gray
Stephen Howse
Beatrice Bass
Ashburn Holder
Paul Ray
Richard Kemp
Heather Kidd
Felix Dodds
Jack Davies
Wendy Taylor
Amy Finch
Simone Reynolds
Matthew Severn
Victoria Charleston
Nick Ireland
Chris Lofts
David Campanale
Joe Johnson-Tod
Stephen Hammond
Martin Byfield
Lisa Claire Scott
John Howson
Daniel Norton
Ron Tindall
Ben Jonathan Martin