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End Fuel Poverty Coalition calls on Parliamentary candidates to back campaign

06 November 2019

The End Fuel Poverty Coalition is calling on the major political parties to commit to acting to end fuel poverty.

Fuel poverty happens when a household's income is forced below the poverty line because of its needs for spending on fuel. People may not have enough money for sufficient fuel because of low incomes, high fuel prices, poor household energy efficiency, unaffordable housing prices and poor quality rental housing.

A fifth of English households live in fuel poverty. An estimated 15,000 deaths each year are thought to be as a result of people living in cold homes. 

The Coalition is asking prospective Parliamentary Candidates to pledge to:

  1. Declare energy efficiency and the elimination of fuel poverty as national infrastructure priorities
  2. Take immediate action to improve the standards of rented homes
  3. Reform the domestic energy supply market
  4. End the benefits freeze and address the chronic scale of unclaimed benefits.

DRUK is a member of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition.

Details of the Coalitions' full manifesto can be found here: http://www.endfuelpoverty.org.uk/ending-fuel-poverty-must-be-priority-for-next-government/