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New report explores lives of people with energy impairments

29 May 2019

New report explores lives of people with energy impairments

The DRILL-funded Chronic Illness Inclusion Project has released a short new report with five case studies from project participants, discussing how they live their lives while managing limited energy. The report, titled "Stories of Our Lives: Case studies from the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project's emancipatory research on benefits and work" focuses on employment and social security, but touches on other aspects of day-to-day life with an energy-limiting impairment.

The case studies discuss how the benefits system does not recognise the fatigue and pain of having a chronic illness, and how this limits both the ability to work and the ability to have a life beyond work. As Fiona* put it: "My nightmare scenario would be to work, then come home and have to lie down in a stupor and not be present as a mum for my children."

The report, edited by Catherine Hale, is available from the Centre for Welfare Reform: https://www.centreforwelfarereform.org/library/by-az/stories-of-our-lives.html

* All five case studies in the report are presented with pseudonyms.