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Benefit changes and loneliness behind the growing deficit of mental health care

13 March 2019

NHS Ptoviders report - Mental health services: Addressing the care deficit

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Over half (59 per cent) of NHS mental health trusts took part in the survey featured in the report, which identifies widespread concerns about growing social and economic hardship in their communities - in particular the impact of benefits cuts and the roll out of universal credit - adding to pressures on NHS mental health services.

Key findings include -

  • more than nine out of ten service leaders (92 per cent) said changes to benefits including universal credit are increasing demand for mental health services in their area;

  • 63 per cent said the impact of benefit changes was ‘high’, making it the most significant factor;

  • 95 per cent indicated that homelessness was a factor;

  • 98 per cent cited financial hardship and a similar proportion (97 per cent) pointed to increased loneliness and isolation; and

  • 91 per cent cited cuts in local services.