Philip Connolly looks back on five years at DR UK and says goodbye

Thu,28 March 2019

In this, his final blog for Disability Rights UK, our policy manager Philip Connolly talks about some of his achievements and discusses a future where disabled people cooperate, create and disrupt.

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Philip Connolly

What if disabled people were the lead innovators is a question I keep testing.

What if disabled people were ………..?  Construct your own disruptive hypothesis and if it’s powerful enough to fire imaginations someone somewhere will solve it for you.  

Have you ever met anyone in your circumstances or who faces the same challenges as you do? 

Is there anything you think you might learn from doing so? 

Is there any learning you would like to pass on to them? Would you like to meet your peers? 

Would you like to join a learning network? 

Would you like to join a peer to peer learning network? 

Would you like to start one that’s committed to joining with all the other ones? 

Are there decisions or practices you would like to challenge, in partnership with others, like the current welfare system?