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Scottish Government consults on independent advocacy support for disabled benefit claimants

11 July 2019

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on “how best to ensure the highest standards of service are consistently delivered for those applying for Social Security Scotland benefits.”

The aim is for new independent advocacy workers will be on hand to help disabled people applying for Scotland’s new social security benefits.

 Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said today:

“Our social security service provides dignity, fairness and respect. Advocacy support for those applying for Scottish benefits is an integral part of delivering those principles.

To make sure this support is of the same high quality across Scotland, the consultation launched today is asking for people’s views on draft service standards.

The responses will ensure services meet the needs of people.

I believe this is important additional help we can give that’s not currently available in the Department for Work and Pensions administered system.”

Advocacy support for social security in Scotland will be:

  • independent of Scottish Ministers; and
  • will be available even if a disabled person has a guardian or supporter.

Subject to the consultation, it is planned that advocacy support will be in place for summer 2020 when disability assistance is delivered

For more information see www.gov.scot/news/advocacy-help-for-benefit-applicants