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Disability Mentoring Coordinator Vacancy with Pearson!

26 July 2019

Pearson are hiring a Disability Mentoring Program Coordinator to join its legal team. As a degree apprentice you’ll be paid an annual salary, gain 3 years professional experience, study a BA (Hons) Business Management degree at Pearson Business School and have your tuition fees paid in full. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to get into the world of work, earn money and gain a degree!

Under the direction of the Program’s leadership, the Coordinator for the Mentoring Program will deliver services and materials that enable the Program’s leadership team to recruit, train and support mentoring partnerships, evaluate the program’s effectiveness, develop effective partnerships and engage in external dissemination activities. This person will work closely with the leadership team on strategy development and implementation and will be responsible for managing and implementing specific projects within the program design.

For more details and how to apply, please visit the job page on the Person website.