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Dudley CIL peer support group for individual employers and personal assistants

18 January 2019

On 19 September, last year, Dudley CIL   held an event for Individual employers of personal assistants (PAs). 

The purpose of this event was to find out what was working or not, and what ideas attendees came up with to make the lives of people who use a direct payment, personal health budget or their own money to provide personal care and support in their own homes were.

The first idea that gained support was for a peer support group of employers and personal assistants to offer mutual support to one another, whether as an employer or a  PA, from another person in the local area who could understand your issue.

Dudley CIL would therefore, like to invite anyone interested to get in touch so this group can take shape and help to  make  a  positive difference to employers, employees and their families and friends.

They are open to any suggestions as to how this could be organised, e.g. a  virtual group on social media, a  physical group based on the successful café ideas which run at queens cross and other venues or some other form.

If you have any ideas for this new group or would like to join it, please get in touch by:

Or leaving a  message with our colleagues and partners Disability in Action, at queens cross network, 01384-813460.