Government to extend personal health budgets to 200,000 by 2024

Sun,24 February 2019
News Equality & Rights

Wheelchair users and people who access aftercare services under the Mental Health Act will soon have a right to a personal health budget, the government has announced.

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Responding to this announcement, our Deputy CEO Sue Bott says:

“DR UK are delighted that wheelchair users will have a legal right to a personal budget to obtain a wheelchair from the NHS. 

“We all know how variable wheelchair services have been in the past and how many disabled people have felt frustrated by not being able to obtain the wheelchair suitable for their lifestyle. 

“It’s good news that finally disabled people will be in control. 

“Of course, there remains the question of adequately resourcing vital wheelchair services, but this announcement marks a step forward in improving the lives of disabled people.”

Over 40,000 people currently benefit from personal health budgets, and the government plans to increase this to up to 200,000 people by 2024.

As well as extending the legal right to wheelchair users and people who access aftercare services under the Mental Health Act, the government will look to give personal health budgets to:

  • people with ongoing mental health needs
  • veterans
  • autistic people
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people receiving adult social care support

Personal health budgets are planned and agreed between individuals and clinicians, giving people greater choice, flexibility and control over their health and care support.