BuDS Getting Ready for Brexit guide

Mon,18 February 2019
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DR UK member, Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS), has produced  information on Getting Ready for Brexit.

Getting Ready for Brexit – BuDS Information

What DR UK wants to see from Brexit

BuDS is not a political charity and does not support Leaving the EU or Remaining in the EU. They only want to provide disabled people and carers with accurate, reliable, information about issues which may affect them when Brexit happens. They are not part of ‘project fear’.

BuDS thinks that there will be less confusion and disruption if an agreement with the EU is in place before Brexit day but that there will still be some problems for disabled people. If there is no agreement with the EU in place by Brexit day (a ‘no-deal Brexit’) then BuDS thinks there will be lots of more serious problems for disabled people.

Overall, BuDS thinks that it is now more likely than not that Brexit will lead to some problems for disabled people and carers whether we leave with an agreement or not. As a responsible disability charity, BuDS thinks it’s sensible for all disabled people and carers to start preparing for these Brexit problems. 

Getting Ready for Brexit