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New research on inappropriate housing for disabled people

30 August 2019

Inappropriate housing causing disabled people ‘physical and mental harm’

New research from the University of Stirling, Housing Options Scotland and Horizon Housing Association has highlighted how difficult it is for many disabled people to find housing that is accessible to them, and the impact on their mental and physical health caused by inappropriate housing. The research was conducted across three local authorities in Scotland, but has implications for local authorities and social housing providers across the UK. For instance, access to a garden or other greenspace can be very important for emotional wellbeing, but this is often not considered by housing providers.

The research is part of the Disability Research on Independent Living & Learning (DRILL) programme of co-produced and disabled people-led research. You can read the whole report here: https://www.housingoptionsscotland.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Match-Me-What-works-for-adapted-social-housing-lettings.pdf