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MPs launch inquiry into bereavement benefits

10 April 2019

Work and Pensions Committee opens follow-up inquiry into “profound injustice” in bereavement benefits.

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The Committee would like to hear your views on the following questions. You can respond as an individual, a group or an organisation. You can answer any or all of the questions – please submit your evidence here by Friday 17 May.

  • Is the new bereavement benefit (Bereavement Support Payment) working well?
  • How well has the Government done at explaining and promoting when people are eligible for the new bereavement benefit?
  • Do people who are eligible for Bereavement Support Payment find it easy to claim? 
  • What should be done to support bereaved parents who were not married to their partner, who aren’t currently eligible for the Bereavement Support Payment?
  • Should entitlement to bereavement benefits be given to children, but claimed by the parents?
  • What can be learned from other countries’ bereavement benefits systems?
  • Has any progress been made on the Committee’s previous recommendation that the Government and industry agree the cost of a simple funeral?